Please ban the Bone Shaker from Online

The car was banned in FH4 because it was massively OP and the PI system didn’t change much in FH5 so the car is simply too quick. Please ban it again to make Online races more fair again.


Why does it matter in unranked races?



This isn’t a competitive game, and from a brief look at Rivals it’s not the #1 car either. It’s fast but a good driver in a handful of other cars can beat it regardless.

Not that it matters because racing in this game isn’t ranked/competitive in that sense anyway.


This is a ridiculous statement. Sure it’s not ranked but the very concept of racing is competition. It’s a RACE to see who comes first, not a Sunday cruise to take in the scenery.

Also, while it may not be the number one car on all rival boards, it excels in every aspect. So when you do 5 races in a championship, no other car can match you as you have no weaknesses in a Bone Shaker. Sure the Bone Shaker may get beat on a super tight handling track, but that car that one with great handling will not have great acceleration or top speed while the Bone Shaker will. Any car that goes against a Bone Shaker is handicapped since the Bone Shaker’s PI is lower then it should be.

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Have a read of this:

I’m sure Playground has data on what cars are winning in Open races and if the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker (or any other car) has an unusually high percentage.

Unless everybody drives the same car there will always be one that’s stronger than the others, and banning the #1 will result in the #2 being the most dominant, which would then call for bans and so-on.

The car is very good, but none of us have 100% proof that it is unbeatable or 10x times as effect as the next best car.

Frankly, many of the people who race online aren’t fast enough to use the car to its full potential anyway, and those that are tend to stick to Rivals where it’s not as dominant as this thread suggests.

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The problem with your logic is there is no #2 like the Bone Shaker. The B.S. has no weaknesses unlike anything else in A class. It excels in every aspect of racing and it actually is starting to take over the leaderboards if you actually take the time to have a look. It is a 9 out of 10 at handling, acceleration, top speed, braking. What other car compares to that? None do, so that is a prime example of an unfair advantage and an OP car. I have videos of B.S.'s repeatedly slamming into walls and not taking proper racing lines and still being at the top of the field.

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Corvette '67

I don’t shake bones. I break them.

Who says the bar has to be that it is 10x better before it’s a problem or even one times better? That’s silly and a straw man tbh. In competitive gaming, even something which is, say, 10% better than the next best thing, is a significant advantage which is why balancing is such a hot topic in multiplayer games from racers to first person shooters and the accuracy / range / time to kill of guns etc.

Also, it is touching that you assume the devs are collecting that data and analysing it, like they care. Who knows, maybe they really do care and you’re right, but I suspect not.


This didn’t take long to pop up. They should ban all DLC content online to make it fair to those of us that won’t waste money on this train wreck, right?


The only place where you can outrun a Boneshaker is if you manage to come close to one and bump it near a turn. Their sensitive spot are the corners and turns, so if you have for example a Veneno tuned to S1, you can catch up to them pretty easily (on tracks filled with turns). Boneshaker should be banned, entirely from all races.


LOL, is it still OP? It’s time for unbeatable test… :smiley:


Download Rivals Top 50 tune I created. Search by gamertag sanke4 and finish off those Unbeatable AI. Too easy.

Nice. It was very easy in H4 so it’s possible here, I guess.

It’s only unbeatable in A class offroad and maybe rally. Everywhere else it is 100% beatable

Here we go again…

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I beat an A class Bone Shaker in an online adventure easily the other day. Mind you, I was using a Bone Shaker myself so you could have a point :blush:

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It’s the same with the Daytona and Sunny on B700. Who would’ve guessed?
Since it’s only Unranked and the Bone Shaker was always available in Horizon 4 Unranked I doubt we’ll see it gone here.
The few times I did Online Adventures and saw one of those cars I simply accepted #1 being out of reach.

They did ban it from rivals in FH4 but it’s allowed again here too. I used it in another adventure yesterday and it was almost like being in a car class above everyone else.

Perhaps it would be helpful if people listed the cars and tunes which are able to keep up with it, if there are any that is. In FH4 there were good alternatives but I’m not very familiar with the cars in FH5 yet.

btw the courses are pretty bland in that video, almost like they’re procedurally generated. I know they aren’t, but they might as well be. Felt almost like doing the same race five times, nothing memorable.

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It’s an incredibly stupid looking, ugly, silly car. I don’t even know why they put in the game to begin with, let alone after the issues in last game. Go online and see 11 of the dumbest looking car in the game, cool.

Granted, that WAS an actual car that was made, so at least it’s not as stupid as the Lego crap, but it still doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game, really. It wouldn’t be able to even COMPETE with the majority of the cars in the game to begin with. It’s a show piece, not an actual performance, race vehicle.

The Bone shaker is basically a meme car, and I can get why someone might just wanna mess with it and putz around for a few minutes. It would really easy to fix, though. Just give it no performance increasing mods, and set it at the very start of a PI class, like X01.

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I haven’t found an allrounder alternative yet like the Nova FE was in Horizon 4.
Most cars that could somewhat equal the pace of a BS on certain tracks weren’t able to do it over a big variety of tracks.
For example my RWD Porsche 356 can rival the BS’ low speed acceleration and cornering but lacks high speed acceleration and cornering grip due to the thin tires. With a bit more practice I could beat your BS on Festival Circuit and dip into the 1:03s.
But on other tracks it’s a lot weaker and, needless to say, generally more difficult to drive.

The 360 CS and Sagaris were the most consistent contender over a wide range of tracks. The in relation upped A800 cap allows the CS to run AWD, weight reduction and race zentrifugal and it’ll demolish the BS on tracks with high speeds. Low speed acceleration is poor though.

The Sagaris as RWD is just plain strong and profits a lot from the upped A800 cap.
Further had some good results in the F50 and the EB110SS could also be something. Need more time to test though.