Better menu layout for painters please

Getting into your own designs is very poorly done.
Why do I need to go into car selection to get into my designs and editing? Why can this not be it’s own selection from the base menu. It truly feels that no painter had any input whatsoever on the menu configuration.

Also why are the thumbnails of cars so horrid? They look as good as they did in Forza 2…and that is not a compliment.

(have not posted on these forums since Forza 4, mega ban for criticizing that launch)

Agreed. I also found it annoying that vinyls/layer groups are listed in a seemingly random order…not the order they were created in & not in alphabetical order. Would be extremely helpful to be able to sort vinyls several ways!

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Last night, when importing some vinyls from FH5, I noticed that the most recently imported vinyl was added to the bottom of the scrolling list. This means that I had to scroll through the entire list, in order to select the newly imported vinyl. Not a big deal if you have just a handful of vinyls, but if you have many - such a hassle. We really need to be able to SORT the vinyl/livery lists, by file name and/or creation date at a minimum. Searching the list would be great, too!

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I saw that as well. Absolutely HORRID. Why not have a big gallery. I was so po’ed to see it so far down the list.

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I would like the menus to be more conducive for painting with one hand on the mouse only. The way it is now I have to move the cursor all over the screen just to click a shape, click at the bottom to flip it or bring up the sub menu, click at the top left to tab between sides of the car and to top it off, I can’t restrain movement to one axis when trying to place something with some level of precision. It’s puzzling why a controller is quicker and more precise when painting in Forza Motorsport. That should not be the case in any universe!

I also know this is going to fall on deaf ears, but this game did have a simultaneous release on PC, so they know that people on mouse and keyboard will try to paint with said equipment. It should at least be competent enough to work without issues, but it isn’t.

  • Trying to get fine movements results in the game making the movement noise, but nothing on screen is moving.
  • Often the axis you don’t want the object to move in, is more sensitive than the axis you are trying to move the object.
  • The object doesn’t move in sync with the mouse’s cursor. It’s as if there’s something slowing it down.
  • Right click isn’t universal for “back/escape”.
  • Pressing or holding tab often does nothing.
  • Cannot assign functions to mice with extra gaming buttons through the game. My G502 is seen as a 5-function mouse. It actually has 14-buttons. I have to map it with my Logitech software.
  • Keyboard layout for painting is nonsensical. Could this be bindable too?

Overall navigation in painting mode needs a lot of work, and this shouldn’t be an issue because this is the exact same setup that Forza 7 had, and there were similar complaints about it. Please look into this.