AWD vs RWD Battle

So I would like opinions from the community. As far as leader board cars in FM5 is AWD competitive now? I know in FM4 it was all about RWD to be fast.

FM5 is by far the most balanced Forza we have had yet. AWD can be just as competitive as RWD, just have to pick the right tracks.

I was just wandering because some of the awd cars get completely uncontrollable when converted to rwd

AWD is definitely more competitive now. My Evo is top 10 ( at last check ) on Yas full, and top 50-100 on quite a few other tracks.

This is only my second Forza. The last one there was no point trying the AWD because it just could not compete. Now I can’t get out of AWD lol

I wonder if this AWD v RWD battle has any existence in D Class. I usually run D Class and I honestly haven’t tried AWD there. Anywhere. That is definitely something I want to try. However, my tuning skills really lack in the AWD department. My initial thought is that AWD won’t really reap any rewards in D Class. We shall see.

I myself love AWD conversions. And in FM5 it is more balanced than ever. But i would have to say that in the event both cars are tuned to their capability a rear wheel will win in most cases. My 1970 camaro z28 is AWD C500 and it has around 590hp AWD it is a killer in the straights and handles decently as well. But when i run my Buick GNX RWD that is set up almost perfectly C500 with V6 and upgraded turbo it feels like i zip through turns much much easier and still have decent speed for the straights.

I’ve converted my Ferrari Enzo and McLaren MP4-12C to AWD. I like the grip much better. They lose some top speed but, launch like rockets. I don’t play to get leaderboards, I just love racing.

The battle is between the driver now not the machine. I’ve got FWD tunes that destroy both AWD and RWD’s around most tracks including spa and Bathurst. It’s all down to the driver and been able to adapt.

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I would agree that we have many more options now and that you now can be creative when thinking about building a car for career mode, multiplayer or hot lapping. I have been most surprised with FWD, much more competitive and I don’t instantly feel compelled to swap them.

so far as I can tell AWD cars are more stable and easy to be consistant easily but RWD has the ability to put down faster lap times but to be consistant is much more difficult now so far I have tunes for c class and b class so far but for the rest will get to eventually