Any thoughts yet about a bias towards one or the other? FM6 was all about the RWD :slight_smile: , FH3 was all about the AWD. What about FM7?

I’m about to start a career race using the Escort Cosworth, so will feedback if I have any feelings on it.

I convert everything to RWD. So far I’m getting better benchmarks, although in previous games they’re not always accurate.

I’m being imclined on AWD and RWD, FWD isnt bad on lower tiers (C and below) might work in B in dry conditions too…

Converting doesnt seem to bee too beneficial, unless you have a lot of room to add power, when FWD->RWD swap or AWD->RWD swap could come handy, but so far only place where I have seen that giving reasonable benefit is in “Hot Hatch Genesis” division. and even then only on tracks that require a LOT of power.

This might change if we get the classic EDCBAS hoppers witout division restrictions. but we see that after the Day 1 patch which comes when the pre release ends.

So far… its look like AWD is back in FM7. I built an A class r34 and S5… i was able to get away with murder and really hammer in some lines… without actually tune the car. I can’t wait to dial them in to see what they can do.

Its feels like the first time in a veeeery long time i was actually be rewarded for braking in a straight line, then turning… wasn’t fighting much understeer at all.

in FM6… i couldn’t never drive an untuned awd car… was a nightmare.

Unless I was running something in S class, I found that the key to having fun with the AWD cars in FM6 was to use sim steering. On normal steering FWD and AWD cars felt mushy and sluggish to me, but with sim steering most AWD cars became entertaining. One of my favorites was the '04 STI, even on the sport suspension it was a lot of fun to throw around.

I haven’t messed with an AWD car in 7 yet, but the one FWD car I have is actually fun, and reminds me of how they handled in FM5.

I couldn’t say objectively if one is better than the others universally in the game. I can say I got the Forza Edition GTR’s AWD/suspension dialed in really sweet and it’s a blast to drive. My tune is shared if anyone would like to take it for a spin


Hey kev whats up? it seems awd is more capable but it’s early to say for sure, i ran some good times in the R33 Nismo '95(swapped from rwd) and the R34. We’ll have to wait for more people to run different cars so we can have a better view, tuning also feels a bit different imo, there’s a greater impact on the car from the changes you make.

Hey Count, good to see you posting!

On Maple I tried a tuned Cosworth Escort AWD against a tuned MX-5 and the Cosworth had the slight edge.
On the VIR rival event I tried the rental Golf and the rental R5 Turbo and there wasn’t much between them either.

Will keep messing.

Hey Kev! Seems you are enjoying FM7!

I have just seen minor advantage on AWD from FM6 to FM7, yet, really barely noticeable. I still prefer the RWDs.


Hi PRKid

Tried a little more on the Lime Rock VIP rival event.
Eagle Talon v Silvia K v Acura Integra R, and they all came out very close to each other. The Silvia K was fastest but harder to control due to its soft suspension and the Integra wanted to spin the fronts if heavy on the throttle.
Still not seeing any really bias out of the rental cars. Maybe when I start collecting a few more cars I’ll start messing more. I’m still being really tight with my credits despite breaking the million barrier, I’m only using the cars I’m winning.

Does anyone know of a car that will let you swap all three drive configurations?

AWD still has mid corner grip issues. They handle better all around though.

I’m still using 5/30 sway bar settings to get that quick turn in that RWD easily gets.

The early Golf’s seem to be able to go FWD > AWD > RWD, so I’ll have a play and see what happens.

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This would be a good test for there (1) homologated class, and, (2) @ Max PI class


I have been favoring rwd so far. Especially in the campaign because most of the races are from a rolling start so the launch edge of an awd isn’t as apparent.

I really favorited rwd in fm6 but felt like I had to use awd in fh3 to be competitive.

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I have noticed that the game has more oversteer so AWD and FWD are better than before(FM6)

I think there’s less oversteer. Cars feel more planted and less slide prone and when you do slide, you know why. Honestly physics seem dummed down. Cars are way easier to drive. One of my fellow esport friends noted similar and asked if what he felt was accurate.

Haven’t tried FWD but for AWD it seems they reduced the penalty for using it in terms of grip/lowered understeer.

I tried to tune Audi RS3 but without success. It over steers all the time. No matter what I do. Any basic info, link maybe, available to have some thumb rules when tuning AWD cars? I have succeed somewhat well with FWD cars.

I’ve been doing some messing about with the various options and there is nothing unexpected so far. Will post up more soon.

AWD you want it to oversteer to an extent to get it to turn. When does it oversteer, on entry to a corner or exit?

^I would say that mid-corner is where I want to try to minimize that.

If mid corner is when you are off brakes and about to get on the power, then I would say up your front ARB or reduce your rear ARB. Anti-roll bars will control your overall understeer/oversteer bias. If it is while on the brakes or on the power it will likely be something else.