Awd poisoning forza

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for those who like to drive cars, like to tame and make turns with rear wheel drive. Unfortunately what we have seen in forza is that every car is transformable into AWD and worse, it is not punitive, the car simply gets better in all aspects simply making it unfeasible to compete with a rookie who plays with awd car.
Honestly, if this non-punitive AWD bane passes into the motorsport series I will ditch it.
That’s about it, a rant from a series lover who is disappointed with Forza Horizon.

Idk but at least in FH5 there are lots of RWD meta builds.

Awd driver detected.

We do not not if drivetrain swaps will be available in the upcoming Forza Motorsport game - unless you posted in the wrong subtopic, I don’t see the issue. Let people play the game how they want to play the game. I drive more FWD than AWD, but chastising players due to their drivetrain preference is just a waste of time for me. After all, this is what Forza is all about, the freedom to explore aka an Exploration racing game.

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the pi should increase proportionally to the improvement of the car, which doesn’t happen on the horizon… you didn’t try to understand. This game is coming to be a mario kart game. Too easy.

For most cars, PI will increase with an AWD swap.

The way that the game calculates PI is based off a simulated drive around the race course. If the AI has an easier time (more stability included) they can go faster, PI will increase.

For some cars, especially when an AWD swap induces understeer, it wont change PI by that much, but it takes skill to tune out that understeer.

Not to mention… well, AWD is kinda OP in real life too. Think GTRs, Lancer EVOs, Cosworth Escorts, etcetera.

This is all coming from a RWD driver, not because its faster (less stable, more PI for power or grip) but because its more lively and fun for me.

RWD in Forza = no handling and driving on ice rink.

All you need to do is participate in Trial currently and you’ll see why nobody wants RWD.

In real life, for sports cars, yes of course… but in this game…AWD is really only way to go

Since this is Motorsport and not Horizon, AWD-swapping everything doesn’t generally work as well. RWD cars are far more viable than they are in a game that now has a motorsports park floating some 20,000 feet in the air.

Forza MOTORSPORT had awd issues in Forza MOTORSPORT 3. These issues were corrected in Forza MOTORSPORT 4 and were not an issue in the 5th - 7th iterations of this series.

Forza HORIZON is a different story and awd swapping to go faster is nothing new. There is no penalty in Forza HORIZON for 1000+hp and awd swap. In Forza MOTORSPORT 4-7, not only is that impossible to do and stay within most class ranges, its also uncompetitive.


I can only speak for myself, as I do not have the capability to collect data from the entire player base of Forza Motorsport 7. I don’t convert cars that are RWD or FWD to AWD in FM7 because it seems to be too unrealistic. The most I tend to do is to change the engine in the cars. For example, I instantly changed the engine in a Ford Mustang II Cobra I built in FM7, but changing it to AWD is unthinkable. Mostly because I don’t know what vehicle the AWD drive train came from, or if it would actually fit.

And if making any car into AWD is cool, why can’t we change the drive train of everything into whatever we wanted? I’d love to make a FWD Miata, just for laughs. Imagine entering it into a FWD compact race. It’s all a sand box, right? Give us those shovels and buckets then.

Hasn’t this always been the case in Forza? AWD dominates on acceleration, everybody knows that. And in high classes AWD is simply easier to win races with against Pro/Unbeatable AI. Sure you can tune a RWD car but AWD is just a little easier.

I don’t mind AWD conversion as it allows for more customization. You could always drive in lower classes if you don’t like it. There AWD can even be slower because they’re heavier and aren’t that much faster in acceleration than 2WD.

Thats offroad…

AWD was very OP in FM3, then they overdid it with making AWD worse in FM4 so that it was mostly complete useless. I mean finding a balance with so many cars and upgrade options is by all meanings not an easy task but in FH5 AWD is a bit too OP again at least for my taste and what i have seen so far.

I’ve always wanted FWD swaps. I can rig AWD to essentially be FWD, of course, but it’s a big PI hit for the novelty. I like to make rear engine cars FWD.

AWD just makes cars somewhat easier to handle, especially if they’re pushing stupid amounts of power. I ritually run RWD where possible, but 600+ HP rally/offroad cars usually perform better with AWD.

In terms of Horizon, all of my rally and offroad tunes are AWD. Albeit, primarily rear-biased. I assume we all know why. But for road cars, like grip tunes on hard surfaces as opposed to dirt/gravel/sand, I run RWD almost exclusively and just drive cars to learn how to handle each. Same goes for AWD, but those tunes are less involved and are, once again, generally easier to control.

In S1 and lower PI classes, RWD is quite viable. In my time playing since FM2 (including the initial introduction of drive swaps in FH2) I’ve noticed most S1 and lower class tunes perform worse with AWD. I presume because of the added weight from the swap, but the point still stands.

I wouldn’t say AWD swaps are poisoning the franchise. I’d say they became meta in FH2 and stayed meta from then on. It takes a lot more time to learn how a car drives with RWD. Being AWD makes it easier to drive and shortens the learning curve, it’s no wonder AWD tunes are primarily meta. Make no mistake, there are players who can outrun others in the same car they’re running except the other player has an AWD tune, but from my experience in both casual and competitive play those types are few and far between.

I think I have something of the same outlook as you, just less passionate about hatred, lol. Let people use what they want. And, if you want to run competitive, AWD is generally your best option. (Again, primarily in classes above S1.)