Audio - Xbox surround modes don't work totally correct until I walk them through another mode first

What I mean is this. I have to, while the game is running and every time I change cars, go to xbox audio settings > pick any other mode than the one I’m currently set to ( in my case Dolby Atmos ) then immediately pick Dolby Atmos again to get it to sound a bit more correct. Once back in the game I’ll notice that the mixes have more dynamic range and depth. This is an annoying and tedious process that I would love to be rid of.

Recently I found that all games sound better when I turn Allow Passthrough off. This used to make everything sound better. I’ve made NO changes to my home theater setup since I bought this xbox. It works flawlessly with my PS5 and all movies / shows I put through it.

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So. I thought this only affected Motorsport, but turns out that it plagues every single game on this console. I’ve been testing FH5, Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk 2077 this afternoon and every time I use this method I’m greeted with a bit more dynamic range. Especially with Dolby Atmos mode. Only have to do it once for most games, but FM and FH5 I have to do it every time I change cars.

This is especially noticeable in cockpit cam.