Arrrgh! These AI drivers!

It seems that they find a way to hit you even when there’s no reason.

Driving clean is really important to me, but I just about despair of being able to run clean races in this game, especially in the closed-course races. First turn, and somebody’s bound to barge - kiss off the chance of a clean race before it’s barely started. Or I make a clean pass on a straightaway, plenty of room between us with no other traffic around, and before I’m completely clear ahead the AI driver swerves over and tags me. Or I’m running full-blast down a straightaway with good speed in a competitive car and some fool comes up from behind and rams me a couple times. I win most of them, but with three or four collisions or sometimes more during a race I can’t help but feel like I’m winning ugly. And I hate it.

Same thing happen to you?

To varying degrees depending on course and blueprint (anything goes tends to be the worst), yes.

They seemed nice earlier, now they’re back to full rage mode. Yeah I feel it too.

Unbeatable A.I are nothing but bullies. I’ve been put into walls, punted to miss checkpoints, blocked and break checked. I think they are worse than online players. I hope T10/PGG fix it and make them clean drivers.

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