What's your average collisions per race?

I race almost exclusively against the AI, and mostly in road races. Every time I start one I try to run a perfectly clean race (while still winning it). With over 5,300 races and over 10,000 clean laps, I can’t seem to get my average below three collisions per race. The AI seems to want to whip the wheel over and tag me whenever they can reach me. It does them no good, and me no harm, but even on a clean pass they seem to be able to whack the back of my car if I’m anywhere in range.

What’s your experience?

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Six here. I’m really getting tired of the one random AI per race that feels the need to cross from one side of the road to the other to sideswipe me when I’m trying to pass them. The other collisions come from me rear ending the AI when they decide to slow down or brake in stupid locations. I too try to run clean races, but the AI in this game is just too terrible to do so.

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Last time I checked it was sitting at 13 (off of about 4300 races and maybe 3000 clean laps)…but then I’m not bothered about racing clean against the AI and will barge them out of the way if necessary or use them as a brake assist sometimes. When I race against other people, then I try to stay clean but, with the group I regularly race with, we invariably start playing around and pushing each other off track

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I’m at 11 on average which sounds really high! Apparently the most collisions I’ve had in one race is 115. I don’t usually do long races so I’d love to see a replay of that race - must have been fairly entertaining!


I grew up back in the days when SCCA road racing was totally amateur. People would own the car they raced, and sometimes even drove it to the track. Husband and wife teams with the car on a trailer behind their daily driver. I remember buying ice cream for their little kids to keep them from rampaging around the pit area. So when I’m racing, I try to imagine that I own the car I’m driving and will have to do the body work on it when I get it home. Some of the classic sports cars I drive in FH4 I owned and drove IRL way back in the day: that Austin Healey, the Fiat 124 Spider, the BMW 2002, it’s real to me. So even bumping the wall is undesirable, let alone getting into the rammin’ and jammin’ that you see in the trials and the live races, and sometimes even with the AI. If you’re doing cross-country, of course, there’s no possibility of staying clean, especially with something like the extreme off-road vehicles, so you just have to take it as it comes.

But I regret the attitude of the AI drivers, who seem to just want to whip the wheel over and whack you to show you that they’re cross with you for passing them. In fact, I’ll confess, every time I start a race against the unbeatables I take a moment to give thanks that starting in last place means that no one will be nibbling away at the back of my car during the start :wink: