Are you up for the D Class Challenge?


The new monthly rivals will be out this Friday. Also being released this Friday is the Forza Motorsport 5 #ForzaInvitational Rivals event. It was brought to my attention that there are some leaderboards that have been neglected for quite some time. In an attempt to make these leaderboards feel like they belong, and to have some fun competition before the new set of events here is a new challenge.

Let’s run a six race Gauntlet, fastest combined time is the fastest!

Sisteron - Vitesse Circuit
Nice Massena - Promenade Street Race
Saint Martin - Ville Circuit
Castelletto - East Forest Trail
Montellino - South Scramble
San Giovanni - Old Town Circuit

Here’s the catch - you must do each event in D-Class! Let’s show the D-Class cars and leaderboards some love and have a great time racing. Please post your race times here, thanks.

Have a great time everyone, and see you on the road!


Here are my times:

1:17.141 — Renault A110 — Sisteron - Vitesse Circuit
2:18.340 — MINI Cooper — Nice Massena - Promenade Street Race
1:19.408 — Saint Martin - Ville Circuit
2:49.807 — Renault A110 — Castelletto - East Forest Trail
1:13.258 — Montellino - South Scramble
1:17.099 — San Giovanni - Old Town Circuit

10:24.964 — Total Time ← wrong again

I’m updating them as I go along. Every once in a while, I’ll calculate a new Total Time. If the total time is wrong, it’s on the slow side.

I quite like the lower classes and have already given these tracks some love LOL.

My times:

1:15.171 Sisteron Vitesse
2:17.240 Nice Promenade Street Race
1:14.758 Saint Martin Ville Circuit
2:46.971 Castelletto East Forest Trail
1:06.366 Montellino South Scramble
1:14.081 San Giovanni Old Town Circuit

Total time 9:54.587

I will definitely do this! I love racing D class and have been doing lots of rivals in them and tweaking my cars. In fact last weekend I did sort of a round robin elimination type contest between 8 of my D class on 7 different tracks to try and figure out the most effective car. I was just about to do the same thing with C class but that will have to wait! I’m still not very good at this game though so my times will pale to most here but it will be a fun challenge.

Which D-Class car you prefer will be personal preference. I was hoping to start these events in my Ferrari Dino D Class but it couldn’t keep up. The fastest cars will be the Lotus, the Mini Cooper, and the Alpine A110.

Some of these cars are pretty tough in D Class. It’s not just slower cars or boring as a lot of people think. You need to very carefully select all the right upgrades since you don’t get too many PI points, you have to find a good line, and you have to keep your speed up as much as possible because these cars don’t have such amazing speed or acceleration.

I found myself using the Renault Alpine (barn find) a lot in D Class. I’m still searching for that right combination for it to get that extra half second I want to get on that Sisteron track.

Preliminary results. I already had a couple of okayish runs on some of these tracks. Gamer tag YoungishOcean

Sisteron - 1:17.824 Ferrari 500 Mondial
Nice - 2:30.085 Fiat 131 Abarth
San Martin - 1:19.589 Alfa Spider
Castelletto - 3:01.416 Fiat 131 Abarth
Montellino - 1:12.782 Alfa Spider
San Giovanni - 1:20.053 Fiat 131 Abarth

Total time: 10:41.749

As expected I couldn’t keep up with you guys! But this is something to work on and I will keep running these for a few days as I am sure I can work on my lines and turns and maybe tweak the tuning a little .

The high end of D class leaderboards are usually littered with Lotus 11’s and I have resisted making one in D class as I have one built for C class and it almost seems unfairly too good compared to some of my other C’s.

I wanted my Dino to be really good but it just isn’t as it has a little too much slide for my tastes. Same with the Mondial, it’s fast but really hard to control. My Alpha Spider and Fiat 131 were numbers one and two in my internal competition and pretty much equal. I haven’t built my Alpine to D class but may try it (wish I could get a second one!) as it is one of my better C’s. I still need to work on my builds and tunes as I am still very inexperienced at this stuff but totally and hopelessly addicted to it.

I found the Dino jut wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the Alpine. Well, it was fast enough on straights but it could not take corners in a way I’d be up for.

I didn’t try the Mondial but I was going to. I settled on the Dino before ditching. I haven’t run it at all yet, is it a fun car to drive?

It also looks like the Fiat 131 isn’t half bad and on many D Class boards (of course) the Mini Cooper takes the cake.

Well, I saw your post and knew it was true. Figured we could have a go. It’s actually been a lot of fun and (at least for me) I’d say quite the challenge. It’s been more difficult settings times I’d like on this challenge than some of the others I’ve done recently.

I can’t wait to take another go at these. I worked hard on the Sisteron one and then decided to do one go around on the other five “for now”. Time to do some housework, make something to eat, do some class work, and then Forza time if I’m lucky.

"I didn’t try the Mondial but I was going to. I settled on the Dino before ditching. I haven’t run it at all yet, is it a fun car to drive? "

The Mondial is probably way better in a good drivers hands than in mine. At 490 it doesn’t have much room for upgrades but it is naturally fast. It is also tough to corner with (for me at least) and is probably best upgraded to C I’m guessing. It was okay at Sisteron because you only have 2 turns with those long straights to make up for it but lousy everywhere else but I made a D class Alpine on my other gamertag and it beat my Mondial time.

I started running the list this morning and ran out of time. The last 2 will be run tonight after work. I was surprised at the fact I haven’t used a single D class car on the first 4 tracks.

Sisteron Vitesse 1:15.240 Alpine RWD
Nice Prom sprint 2:25.246 Alpine RWD
San Martin Ville 1:17.810 Alpine RWD
Castelletto E Forest 2:58.312 Abarth 131 AWD

Will update soon. I’m having a good time running the D class. It is so crazy that it takes more concentration to get a fast lap in the slower cars.


Montellino South 1:10.405 Abarth 131
San Giovani Old Town 1:15.393

Total time 10:22.408

GT: BadRiver

Each time was set with the 1980 Fiat 131 Abarth (Classic Rally).
It is a D500 RWD tune by jbobco69.

Here’s my times and position on the Oven Club Leaderboard:

1:19.851 — (Oven LB: #05) Sisteron - Vitesse Circuit
2:32.553 — (Oven LB: #05) Nice Massena - Promenade Street Race
1:19.021 — (Oven LB: #02) Saint Martin - Ville Circuit
3:02.150 — (Oven LB: #02) Castelletto - East Forest Trail
1:15.405 — (Oven LB: #03) Montellino - South Scramble
1:18.304 — (Oven LB: #03) San Giovanni - Old Town Circuit

10:48.4 — Total Time

Probably should dust off the Renault A110

Nice, THIS will be fun. Kudos, PPi! I’ll giv’er a go when I get home from work, post my times later tonight.

Time to dust off my trusty '88 Scirocco…

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To be competitive you really need to use the Renault Alpine at Sisteron Vitesse, Castelletto East Forest Trail and San Giovanni Old Town. The Mini dominates the other 3 and can be built to compete at San Giovanni Old Town. Leave the Ferrari Dino and Lotus Eleven in the garage unless you care to master the art of wall riding LOL. Vitesse is without doubt the worst track for wall riders with the majority of the top 10 using the wall at turn 1.

Vitesse circuit: 1:17:055, '69 Ferarri Dino

Promenade Street Race: 2:28:650, '88 VW Scirocco

Ville Circuit: 1:19:231, '69 Toyota 2000GT (you were tough to catch, PPi!)

East Forest Trail: 2:59:248, ‘77 Pontiac Trans Am (again, by the skin o’ my teeth)

South Scramble: 1:11:768, '92 VW Golf GTI

Old Town Circuit: 1:16:705, '69 Ferarri Dino

Total: 10:32:657

I updated my original post with the last 2 tracks. I might try to improve to get closer to the 10:00 mark but I’m happy with my times.

Driving D class cars is a whole skill set by itself. I have been running the higher classes for weeks without touching D class. Fun little challenge PPi.

Ok after several of my favorite beverages (vodka)…here’s what I got

1:19.482 Sisteron - Vitesse Circuit
2:30.084 Nice Massena - Promenade Street Race
1:19.445 Saint Martin - Ville Circuit
3:05.286 Castelletto - East Forest Trail
1:13.615 Montellino - South Scramble
1:18.196 San Giovanni - Old Town Circuit

Total 10.46.108

I can do slow :slight_smile:

Sorry dude, you didn’t. I think you added the minutes and seconds using “normal” math.

Your time is 10:46:108.

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thanks, I will edit my post…It was kinda late :slight_smile:

Am up for this.
Not got involved in stuff like this on here before, But do love rivals

Played around on the Nice Massena track this morning as I wasn’t really happy with my time there and I was pretty unfamiliar with it going into this challenge. I was able to shave a couple of seconds and get to 2:28.45 once again in my Fiat 131. That is a really fun route and you really have to attack it and be aggressive.