D class road racing rivals times on 1st track?

So im going through some accolades and im currently doing Rivals road racing, i have the top 5% in all but D class on the 1st track Bahia de plana circuit, as you can see in the image, it says im in the top 4% but the accolade isn’t triggering, anyone else have this issue? is it a known bug?

The other thing is the times, ive left out the #1 spot name since 15s is pretty much obvious so already reported them, now im pretty competent at tuning and ive ran what i consider a pretty fast and clean lap but how are these guys sub 50s with the same car? is there some sort of short-cut on the 1st track i don’t know about?

Cars ive tried,

Fiesta Xr2
Lotus elan sprint
wilis jeep
datsun 510
bmw isetta
super duty f450

Any help would be appreciated.

The Rivals Accolades are hit and miss currently…some don’t work, some will periodically register. I did the 5% Accolade on the Horizon Festival Circuit and it registered fine but that was the first weekend pre-launch. Might be worth trying other tracks…could just be an issue with that one

Yea thats what i thought, ive tried 3 others but its the same thing, trying to work out the time difference more than anything tbh

Could simply be a bug with that Accolade. I played the game from th 5th (early access) and, mostly, Accolades were completing fine (though a fair few were still bugged) but there started being more tracking issues shortly after the general release. Hopefully, they address this in the upcoming hotfix update…though when that will actually be released is anyone’s guess. Of course, the trouble with having to wait is it makes getting 5% that much harder…having said that, over the last 4 days I have got quite a few D Class Top 20 times and I am not the quickest driver out there (even got Top 3 on one).

Not sure it makes any difference on car but I have been using the Mazda MX-5 Miata (1994) for D Class Rivals times

It’s not just the #1 time on those leaderboards. I reported several people last night for impossible times.

I haven’t done that track in D but I’d be fairly confident that the vast majority, if not all, of those times are cheating or glitched. There’s a massive problem with rivals times in FH5, which wasn’t present in FH4, and it will need positive action taken to avoid the leaderboards being completely pointless.

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I mean that’s my issue, im not one to call people out for cheating unless its blatantly obvious like the #1 position with a 15s time lol, i was genuinely curious about those times since there is a fair few with similar times

EDIT: Just checked the accolade and it seems its registered the time now, i tried racing a few ghosts from the sub 50s and one started flying at the start and was going super slow and stopped at the end of the 1st corner, another in exactly the same car was taking corners like it was on rails without slowing down o.O something definitely fishy going on lol

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I jut ran that track using the MX-5 and managed around the same time, somewhere in the mid 700s place.

Have just looked at that Leaderboard…the first legitimate time, in my estimation, would be 64th place with a 58.666. HamiltonHD who is 3 places behind that is a very good Rivals driver.

Yea about what i was thinking, try racing any of the low 40s ghosts and you can just see something is wrong lol