[APEX][RACE] Blue's Metalworks: Fod GT out now

Hallo en welkom, (use translate software)

This thread will serve as my Forza gallery.
Im a 30+ building consultant from the Netehrlands. Like most boys i guess, i started playing with cars at a young age. At around 17 i got into tuning mopeds and making them fast enought to overtake trucks. (anybody know what a Puch Maxi si?)
Only got interested in real life cars, when my friends were getting theirs. My first car was a Fiat Uno, that lasted for about 2 months. Then i got a Ford Fiesta, not a very fast one, but i threw money at it as if it was. Eventualy too many parts broke down, because they werent made to deliver performance. So a 1.816v XR2i was brought in to replace it. Like i needed the moped to be capable of taking over trucks at 90km’s per hour the Fiesta needed to overtake atleast five before traffic approaching from the other direction. Yes im sorry, i overtook cars that were overtaking other cars when there were only two lanes. Anyway, i eventualy crashed that car in pile-up on the freeway (i wwasnt doing anything crazy that time)

A Ford Fiesta 1.6 RS followed and i was hooked on the sounds and feel of turbo.
Although things have slowed down since then, im now driving my second Ford Focus Titaniumm, so you don’t need to be surprised to see a couple of Fords in this gallery. Im a fan.

anyway hope you enjoy your stay, leave a comment,

and come again!

available now

Rekorderlig BMW 325i

Magnex Ford Sierra Cosworth

Magnaflow Ford Focus RS

Culture Japan Retrokyu Greddy Volkswagen Golf-R

DY Falken tire contest remix Subaru BRZ

Dead Orbit Titan remix Subaru Impreza 22b

Quaife Tesco Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Titan Motorsports original Scion tC

Titan Motorsports original Dodge SRT4-ACR

GameKings MTV Shelby GT500

Airtec Ford Fiesta re-color

Takeda Honda Civic CRX




Designs do take a while to save mate, that being said I can’t wait to see what your designs look like in Forza 5. Keep up the great work.

well ive given up on importing designs that s dont work.

pieced the crx back together though, missiing some bodykit, sideskirts anyone?

Your crx is looking sweeet and great collection of paints…

great work on the CRX Blue,

Great to look through your back catalogue of paints as well, I remember picking up quite a few of those back in the day.

thanks Ace, Mario and Stu.

i was plannig on bringing back some old designs, but that new Ford GT looks mighty tempting. might have get on that first.

Good to see you all got some cracking new paints for Forza6 done.

i just need to get out of recycle mode

Cant wait to see what you go with on the Ford GT Blue!


wow, some great works.

Lots and lots of great paints, keep it up reaper.

Wow mate I remember so many of them cars lol takes me back… Great work as always :wink:

CRX is looking great mate and your gallery from Forza 4 is quite impressive indeed. I really have to give my hats of to you on those. Keep up the great work.

thanks Ace, i have fond memoreis for many of those paints

lord harvey :))),

really nice designs her,hope you bring it up(fm4;5 stuff)

but now you on halo,yes :))))

so see you next year again here,lol

many mamy hany greetZ

and not last check out one of my xb naked patys,it’s a brand new future of me.lol

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yes a bit halo too,

good to see you here and i will see you on xboxlive soon, are you twitch broadcasting these body parties?

thanks AB, Dragon and Wayne