[APEX][RACE] Blue's Metalworks: Fod GT out now


+18 !!!
,and yes i broadcasting it"with big success".lol

many greetZZZ my friend :wink:

get aboard the Ford train.

added two moe fords on the roadtrip to FordGT. just some paints te get back n the game

Looking through the old FM3 and FM4 paints, I remember alot of those!. Great job on the Fords mate :slight_smile:

thank you Koshiro, been working on the next in the serier. Hers a pic

^^^^looks great harvy ;))

many greetZZZ

thank you Volker, some more pics of the cossy

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blast from the past Titan Scion tC added to the storefront

Blast from the past looks awesome…

thank you mario,

the Titan Dodge SRT4 and the Quaife Escort are now also uploaded to the storefront

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harvy bro

very nice new stuff :wink:

see yeah maybe tonight


thank you Volker, did you mean last night?
Did i miss the party?
Was it still naked?

will be there for the next party

as for my next project, this went horribly wrong.
I just wanted to do a little remix of a Forza 5 paint. Just changing the underlying color. Then idecided to swap some sponsors. I decided to make some new sponsors. I felt the design needed an update too. I changed the layout, added some texture to the background, changed colors again, made more sponsors, and now it just doesnt look very much like the original anymore. Failed.

That’s a quite awesome-looking fail, you should fail more often, ha!

Loving the Cossie paint, will have to get it ASAP.

thank you Clyde, i will certainly try

great stuff here and for a fail you can fail well because that golf looks cool. keep up the great work

thanks Rocks, the golf is available for pick up, if anyone is interest. you can find the tune from Dr Gutfried to match

Adding the Escort and Golf to my shopping list, they both look awesome :slight_smile:

thank you Koshiro,

heres a glimpse of the next project by the way

probably done tomorrow

great paints Reaper!