[RACE] Motor´s Gallery | Replicas & Originals | Still on hiatus | FM2 nostalgia pg.5

Welcome to my gallery and garage!

Here I will display my designs, replicas and originals. I´ve always loved cars and always will do, so expect a wide variety of designs from Japanese time attack to German old school DTM :slight_smile:

Youtube presentations of two of my designs below, check them out :slight_smile:

Re-Amemiya Street RX8

Petronas BMW 1M

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Stats 2015-10-23:

  • Re-Amemiya RX8: 131, downloads, 169 uses
  • Petronas 1M: 43 downloads, 32 uses
  • Petronas 1M alt: 22 downloads, 29 uses
  • Kyoseki GP-Plus R32: 25 downloads, 22 uses
  • Diesel Kiki R32: 37 downloads, 20 uses
  • Asahi Kiko M3: 25 downloads, 16 uses
  • Petronas Mercedes A45: 151 downloads, 394 uses
  • Wakos Arnage Racing Vantage S: 214 downloads, 97 uses
  • Garage EXE Arnage Racing Zagato: 209 uses, 51 uses
  • Audi Sport BTCC S3: 91 downloads, 60 uses

Forza 6 designs

Audi Sport BTCC S3 - Original design

Garage EXE / Arnage Racing Zagato - Replica/adaption

Arnage Racing / Wakos V12 Vantage - Replica

Petonas Mercedes A45 - Original design

Forza 5 transfers - All designs shared. Search for motor sw

Diesel KIKI Gr.A Skyline R32

Kyoseki GP-Plus Gr.A Skyline R32

Asahi Kiko Gr.A BMW M3 E30

Petronas ATCS BMW 1M

Alternate version without number plate

Koyama Racing Labo EVO X

Re-Amemiya Street RX8


It’s great to see this beast in FM6! :slight_smile:

Hey Motor, good to see ya

Tag for the future

Nice videos motor! I am glad to see you back, I am hoping for more classic JDM goodness.

hello homeslice :)))


many greetings my friend

ps:in the future use the invites,lol :))))

Just had to stop by. The RX-8 and BMW M1 looks great! . Can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with for FM6!

Another one I have to wait …impatiently for.

Thank you guys. You will have to wait a bit longer for something new. I have, believe it or not been busy racing. In the meantime I´ve transferred and uploaded all my Forza 5 desings.

since I passed on F5, these are all new to me :slight_smile: Will definately be picking up the Asahi Kiko M3, that looks fantastic.

Always been a big fan of your work. Since I also missed out on Forza 5, these designs are new to me and they are all great :slight_smile: The Evo is my favorite, just love the vibrant colors and gold :slight_smile: Looking for new stuff soon hopefully :slight_smile:

Liking the subtle use of chrome, right up my street!


All look really nice

YES! Good to see the vintage Gr.A/JGTC GT-R’s back. Along with those I need to pick up that Evo X. Awesome work here.

Thanks for dopping by. Glad you like them mate :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Yeah the EVO just keeps improving like Forza. There is huge difference from Forza 3 :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thanks! Could not very well leave it :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep an eye open, I have more classic Gr.A liveries planned :slight_smile:

And a mini-update. Been working with other projects, but I´ve also been racing touring cars with my friends. And I could not very well be racing naked so I tweaked and slapped the Petronas livery on the Merc A45. Turned out ok. It´s also now shared if someone else wants spam, LOL!

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That paint is awesome and its made for that car great work sir…

Nice work mate :wink:

Cheers Wayne!

Thank you Fenix :smiley: