[sgc_]dose rocks paints )

Rite so lets get on this. Moving from Forza 5 to Horizon 2, i will be painting race cars, rally car, ratty car and hot rods
My painting skills (what i have) have improved alot thanks to posting here and i hope i can make more designs for you all to have and enjoy.
If you have not seen it this is my MY FORZA 5 PAINTS

First car…first paint
Gulf racing Camaro

Hope you enjoy my first!!

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weekly paint comp winning livery’s

Week 1
NOS Energy Drink Evo Rally Car.

Ratty camper van

Week 3
Tajima Monster Sports Super86 Pikes Peak

Week 5
Repsol RSX

Week 6
Pierburg Mk1 golf rally legend

Week 7

Week 8
BREDATSUN 2000GT(in reverse colors)

Week 9
Tanna Foust Rockstar RallyX beetle.

Week 10
Nissan S16 Advan Time Attack Special

Week 11
Pikes Peak R8

Week 12
The Cadillac Escalade Rally Truck

Week 13
Rockstar XDurance Shelby F150 Raptor

Week 14
Classic rockstar Subaru Brat

Week 15

Week 16
GoPro Camaro.

Week 18
Shell V8 super car Mustang Cobra

Week 19
Retro Baja bug

Week 21
Lexus LFA GAZOO RACING Nurburgring 24h

You got some cool designs already, good job man! Any tips for a novice?

Just keep at it. And try to stay away from stock fonts if possible!!

So I tried to stay away from the paint booth but its hard!!
vsd Dakar Land Rover

And this is a W.I.P and stoped so in can play a little :wink:
NOS Energy Drink evo


Got the camper and very side tracked
Ratty camper van

All comments are welcome!


All very nice, really diggin’ the VW and the Land Rover. Can’t wait to see what else you got up your sleeve !

I really like the VSD Land Rover! Nice work on that one especially. The others are nice as well.

Cheers guy. The new paints and starting to flow now. :slight_smile:

Its now finished
NOS Energy Drink Evo Rally Car.

All comments are welcome!!

How are you cranking these out so fast? Awesome work!

Fast thats been sat in garage from friday nite :slight_smile:

Just cos every rally cay needs a support unit.

I was about to say the same thing. Great job, Dose. Step back and take a breath every once in a while though so you don’t hurt yourself. LOL.

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I have a special place in my heart for Gulf paints, and you did it proud =)

Really digging the Evo too - neat design! Lastly, the VW is also a favorite. There are a couple of those vehicles in horizon that I don’t particularly like to race, but I love having those paint schemes on them. The Vandura was another like that. I had a funky design on one with a different color door and had signs of wear. Just looks right on these vehicles. Keep up the good work!

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lol nice support truck I did mine at 8am and just posted the pics at 9:40pm est thats too funny.

Great designs man. Feelin that VW

Glad you like them…Cheers!

Haha smooth!!

Thanks alot dude!

Good variety of nice designs! :smiley: Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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Sweet Nos evo mate, love it!

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I slowed down once and got lost :wink:

Cheers dude! Not long to wait :wink:

Thanks mate!!

So I got the Capri and already had a idea for it!
WURTH Racing Capri

Hope you enjoy this one. It may be one of my favourites
All comments are welcome!!