[RACE] DOSE ROCKS - Rearranging shapes (NEW! Greddy 280sx & YORKIE JAG XJ8R)


From the UK, sunny old Nottinghamshire, i paint the kind of things that i see and would like to race around and have fun in, some old race cars to rally to ratty old bangers and every thing inbetween… i love them all!

All Comments are welcome, only this i ask is be honest!

Lexus SC300 Rockstar Energy Drift Missile

Martini Alfa 155 Time Attack

Nick Hamilton A3 BTCC

All comments are welcome!

VW Golf VR6 Motorsport 24h Nurburgring

All comments are welcome

Looking good sir. Just a question - would we see the car in your signature again ? Always loved that one.

its already in i just don’t have a pic. just search for it you will find it

Great designs mate, specially love the SC300 :slight_smile:

Awesome work as always Dose! Glad to see you back at it in FM6. Keep up the good paints mate.

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Cheers ACE!!

HotWheels Skyline

McLaren F1 longtail Gulf Davidoff LeMans

BMW M1 ProCar

Rally Sport Direct GT86

Davidoff McLaren is looking nice indeed mate and the Rocket Bunny kit on that GT86 is quite well done. That being said I feel as if the Castrol ProCar could use a little work. The Castrol logo seems off. Keep up the good work mate, your designs are quite nice.

yes i agree that is why the M1 Pro car is not shared yet because i was not happy with it, more to come on that one.

so was asked by DTC Milch to paint there teams design for an upcoming race series

Rich Milch Rennsport Wtcc Civic #42 #712

Comments welcome

Quite nice indeed mate, the striping layout is really looking very good.

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Nice work fella :slight_smile:

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cheers dude nice to see you still about.

Haha I never go mate just tuning heavily now and transferring FM5 cars over for now… I have Ideas but way off them lol

good stuff and tunes shared

Yes mate I have a few shared and others still pending as I want to further test them :wink:

sweet i will have a look for them, what cars are we looking at

New W.I,P
370Z Mercury Drift car