Anyone playing using 4G/LTE Wireless?

I live in a very rural area and my home DSL is terrible. It’s downstream is fine but it’s latency makes online gaming very difficult. To give you an idea my iphone 3g tethered to my PC has lower ping than my DSL. They just installed a new tower that gives a very strong LTE signal at home and since I’m due for a new phone anyway I’m curious if anyone has had success. I have played MMORPGs in the past with my phone tethered to my PC and it was very playable but I cannot do the same for my XBOX since my 3G won’t broadcast a wifi. I really want to knock out some of the online achievements

When I’m away from home, I’ve gotta use my 3G from my iPhone, I’ve gotten that to work by tethering it using a cord plugged into the USB connected to my phone. 4G/LTE I’m not sure of but on my 3G I was able to hold my Twitch stream also, which I was amazed with.

I too, have slow DSL. I live on a mountain in western NC and the fastest DSL speed isn’t even available to me. I feel as though I’m being discriminated against as so many achievements/rewards are impossible for me to obtain (discrimination is a little extreme but I wanted to make a point). It seems as though the game is slanted towards multiplayer which isn’t an option for me. I think multiplayer is great for those who can/want to play it but I feel it’s unfortunate that leveling up is dependent upon it.

Agreed. But Forza is so community oriented (not a bad thing). That a lot achievements are going to be from multiplayer or needing help from the community to get them

I live in the sticks. I been use 4g lte for about 2 yrs now. Its not perfect but works good enough. The biggest problem is cost. The stupid “power of cloud” just I have download twice as much info.

Out here in rural middle-of-nowhere too, got 4G LTE late last year and I can say it’s been working great for XBL. Only thing that sucks about it is being stuck with Verizon (literally the only option out here for 4G, or any decent online gaming) and their data limits, and as AKRA1X mentions, the cost.

That said, I can still definitely recommend 4G LTE if you need to game online. Not sure how those little 4G “hotspot” devices fare in the reliability department, but our setup is an antenna on the roof running to a router and it keeps a pretty solid signal.

I would be very cautious of “wireless” Internet services. The minimum for Xbox LIVE has always been “Broadband internet service (sold separately) and 256 MB or greater required.” Satellite connections are especially susceptible to lag, simply because of the distances over which the wireless signal is being sent and received.

If your “4G” does not have a steady, reliable connection, there are possibilities of causing that nasty lag in any online gaming. Especially if you’re using one device to wirelessly serve the Xbox console itself instead of being wired.

So probably a good idea for him to use the no collisions hopper

Not necessarily. I’ve raced online for close to a year now on my 4G and have never had any complaints of being “laggy” on the track, even in close, aggressive races. It is NOT the same as your typical “satellite internet” service. That being said, reliability can differ between providers so it’d be a good idea for the OP to research them, but in my experience 4G has been solid.

I too live in a rural area but am lucky enough to live geographically between 2 new mast installations. I use a 3g mifi box and get quite good speeds out of it. Occasional lag, but bearable. You can enjoy multiplayer in this way. 4g should be brilliant.

I live in a rural NC County. My DSL is 10mb down 750kb up. My DSL is okay, just can’t stream Twitch at a high quality. However, I’m getting gigabyte Internet from RST Fiber real soon. They are in my city. Just waiting for my area. Anyone who is in NC should CLICK HERE. They are the first company to turn NC into a gigabyte state. They got fiber covering the whole state.

During internet outage I have tried using my cellphone and it worked perfectly fine!

Where I live it’s wireless or nothing. I have had good luck with Millinecom wireless. 4g LTE, 20 gigs a month. They use the Verizon network and if your covered it has good speed. Some of the plans are ridiculous with cost and caps, this is not bad for $89 a month, but I still download all of the updates at the office to keep from hitting the cap. Really can’t wait for acceptable unlimited internet to make it to us.

Seems as if all of us rural boys in North Carolina are pretty much screwed as far as internet goes.

And the future doesn’t look to bright for any internet improvements.
It seems to be getting worse instead of better.
At least for me it is. I’m stuck with Frontier Communications, who bought what Verizon didn’t want anymore.
All I can say about Frontier is that it pretty sucks.
3 megs down, 750 up on a good day, and the good days are few and far between.

I don’t even attempt to race online.

I use to race online on the TEN network back in the day (Nascar Racing from Papyrus) on a 56.6 modem, and it was better than what I can do now.

I live in Maine and only can get Fairpoint DSL. Im getting .75 down and .27 up with avg 88 ping. Has not been much issue till we got a Xbox One and now that my son and I want to play games online its bit frustrating to try my first online race and all I see is the cars bouncing around and driving above the track haha.
I hope to give Verizon 4g let connected a try. Would anyone be able to tell me how much data your using on a monthly basis gaming like 2 hours every few days and streaming Netflix few hours a day.
Also what are you getting for PING?

Thanks for giving me hope!

I just got verizon 4g home service installed earlier this week. As far as performance, its perfect. I too was held hostage to .75MB download speed from DSL. It would make me FURIOUS!!

Anyway, I have the same question… how much data use have people experienced? I don’t have real time usage stats from Verizon so I’ve gone from furious with DSL to paranoid with 4g.

Don’t get me started on every game needing a 3 GB+ update… :slight_smile:


You can check XB1 date usage through the settings menu. It will show the usage by the hour, date, and month. It’s been a while since I checked FM5 usage but I remember it being about +200MB per HOUR for online racing!

Thanks for the tip. I’m not sure what goes on in the background with XB1, but I sat and watched the usage. It was pretty stagnant and then went into a steady 250k/s download and after 88 MB, I turned it off. This &%$#& restricted data is giving me ulcers.