Anyone else bored to death with the endless grind of the builders cup?

You’re making things up, you enjoy racing when it’s enjoyable, and if for some it’s with fast cars, it doesn’t make it “less real” as enjoyment.

I am also still having the same problem,really hope it gets fixed fast

Career modes are career modes just like in any other racer. FM could do better with it for sure. But do you play every career in every annually released f1 game for example? Because thats essentially the same thing. Wasn’t one of the main complaints about FM7 that the career throws you into too many cars at once? And you never care about any of it? And you literally just do car collecting and you even have a menu like in FH5 where you can track all the cars you’ve collected… The horizon playerbase here in the forums is pointing out the same issues they have with FH5. And yes it does restrict your progression, and you’ll have a smaller scope of cars than the usual but that should be the point of the game, doesn’t it?
Horizon playerbase has the same battle going on. Half the playerbase hates the progression, the other half wants more freedom and likes being given a ton of cars/prefers the game as a sandbox/i have a job now,i’m an adult.

Having restrictions isn’t a bad thing per say as you noted. They could’ve just make the upgrade system exclusive to the builders cup only. I think the issue is also that the cars are basically the same since FM4. Like you have these little “championships” to progress through but the cars are always the same cars you’ve seen a 1000 times. They could’ve done better over the years and added some new ecnomy vehicles or hot hatches for the sake of just revamping the experience a little bit. Even FH5’s got some cool stuff that should’ve made its way to motorsport.

Yet you’ve played every single motorsport game. If you expect to just get into a car and race and be able to upgrade without the restrictions thats fine. But that shouldn’t mean the career mode has to suffer another blowback. Maybe a good solution would be to be able to customize your career/have multiple career paths. Games like Dirt and WRC and F1 have them so why not forza as well? I’m sure it wouldn’t be that difficult for the devs to build.


Yes you do. need restrictions. Look at the complaints about FH5. Look at the complaints about FM7. “Everything is given too easily, i don’t care about these cars”. The upgrade system, thats controversial i get it. But you do need the game to put you on a path, a bit more linear rather than just freedom, smash , do whatever , make your own game. Because then you take away the incentives to progress. And then you get to the same complaints that have been previously discussed.


If you can’t figure out how to have fun with a garage filled with cars, free access to mod them almost however possible, and basically unlimited in game currency, that’s a you problem.


I need career mode progression to save.
I’m bored to death of restarting the same series again and again.

Turn 10 have dropped the ball. Fix should have been priority. I guess we are still engaging in the broken game, making metrics look good so it’s not important.

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I dont want to mod cars, nor i want unlimited credits. The entire point of a strong single player is to give you a more linear, curated experience and show the devs twist and vision of what the game is all about. Its why everyone praises the old forza titles so much.

A garage full of cars means nothing and it doesn’t fix games. If you’re refusing to see anyone else having a different appeal towards racing games other than sandbox messing around then thats a you problem.




You have always been able to have a curated experience in single player. The game just didn’t prescribe it for you.

Now everyone is forced to slog through a needless grind before they are deemed worthy of being allowed to have fun making changes to any car.

Glad you’re enjoying the tedious grind.


I love the campaign, find it fun as hell. What I am not loving is the terrible PC version they released, it has so many bugs and issues.

I dont really like it outside of the builders cup. And i think i said single player could be a lot better.

A wild concept: Different playerbase has different opinions on games

The point of the Builders Cup career mode is to build a stck car up during the series.

The race cars in the game are already built and already have the race parts installed when they’re stock so there wouldn’t be a point to building them.

Most you can do with them is tire width and occasionally weight reduction. Nothing to build.

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Progress in a racing game is improving your times, your racing craft, your tunes. Limitation are car classes, drive train type, car type, car era, allowed parts, number of laps or timed race, endurance, dmg on or off, wear and tear on or off, and even more that always been there to provide limitation in racing. Doing defined series race is already good constrain for a racing game.

Race car that are difficult or improve them to be less difficult for a given race type/condition should be your choice and there should not be additional limit. All of the above are your inherent race ‘restrictions’ and there is no need for artificial limitation or add complex arbitrarily system.

CarXP at the limit could be okay as some ‘slow’ progress mechanic only if there was a pool of XP and you could apply to any car and use any upgrades within the required CarXP/PI allocated for a race. That way you would still need to race to gain enough XP to upgrade one or many cars, which is totally fine in a racing game, but that XP could be applied to any cars not just the one you obtained XP on. That way if someone want to upgrade just a few cars to max they grind with whichever cars and if someone is trying to unlock all they can do so but would still need the same XP as upgrading each individual car but not limited to do it in that car and no limit to pick upgrades in a specific order.

[Edit: An example of that is right in the series that unlocked today. Driving Ferrari FXX-K, only upgrade possible tire width, ballast, tire compound to drag, and rim. Yet, I have 1200 CPX to use on what? The car is maxed already and well before it’s current lvl10. If At least those CPX could go somewhere…]



Only reason I’m still doing the career is because I have a completionist mentality about it. I don’t enjoy it. But I don’t enjoy “CarPG” in general. Can’t be competitive in multiplayer with a new car, which isn’t fun. Have to grind instead, which isn’t fun either.


I feel the car progression in the builders cup is actually well suited to new players (Initially).

It has been enlightening to play through the various scenarios via the builders cup and actually experience the handling differences with the improvements that each CXP unlocks. Even then though it gets dull pretty fast.

Lock it to that and allow full car unlocks via credits would be a happy middle ground.

Tried to jump into A class multiplayer event but no relevant car to select. Much pain. The comedy of trying to apply a tune of a favourite tuner to be met with ‘NO CAR XP’.

Early days but CR for unlocks would make sense? Surely sense prevails? Surely?

Looks around at the world… err no. Fire


If they didnt lock the upgrades behind car levels it would be fine.

Other than that these restraints are apparently not working since previous motorsport games have had them too yet these games didnt necessarily have the strongest single player. So these inherent restrictions alone dont seem to make for a great progression system either. And since Forza has starting throwing new cars and more new cars in abundance it seems the problem has just grown bigger. And thats due to player metrics.So there needs to be something done about it. And it was not an issue that existed back 10 years ago. You cant really solve it now by going backwards.
The solution they took upon now its not quite working. But one thing for sure it does is limit the scope of cars you normally get to use. Which does help alleviate the problem. Again driven likely by player metrics to which Turn10 has responded accordingly. I mean look at the suggestion hub alone.

Even FM4 arguably doesnt really make you stick much with one car and “bond” as you unlock careers and youre given another car that you just upgrade, restricted by class and just move on to the next one. Did players forget about this? Or is it that the audience has changed. Either way forza is now in a situation of between the hammer and the anvil. Its tough to make any decisions. And theyre yet to show some decisiveness.

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Personally, I wish there were more opportunities to race in E class in the Career. But there’s always Free Play.

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If you want to test the car and the upgrades you’ve aplied where are you going to do that? My practice sessions consist 95 % of the time testing the changes that ive made to my car and tuning out the issues it has.

If theres no practise then what is the player supposed to do? Just toss some upgrades and tuning changes and just go straight into the race without knowing how it affects their car? This makes no sense.

The practise sessions should be skippable as they already are. The only issue is how well the skip button is hidden in the new UI. And that was a terrible design choice.

Use the Test Drive option in the tuning menu? It’s also a great way to level up the car, in my experience.

It is but most of the time youre going to be doing builders cup as your main progression mode right? So why have to jump out of it,open freeplay, set parameters and go through a loading screen just so you can tune and test your car?

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Putting aside that I didn’t do it from Freeplay in the first place (I just go directly to the Upgrade/Tuning option), isn’t the Test Drive option available from the Tuning menu between races (not the one under the Car option after the event starts)?