Anyone else bored to death with the endless grind of the builders cup?

Forgive the rant, but do Turn 10 realise that many of us have played Forza 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 before we bought this years version?

We’ve done the progression, earned the cash, bought the fastest cars, and yes RACED the fastest cars, up to SEVEN times before.

The reason I ask, is that I can go in to V7 right now and race, oh, I don’t know, a RACE CAR in career mode which after racing MX5’s and salloons and god knows how many painfully slow cars in the new game, I’m sorely tempted to do.

In the new version after racing all the race cars in Forza 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 I’m now bored to tears doing race after race after race after race after race after race after race in painfully slow road cars, because hey, this a new game right, so we have to go all the way back to the beginning and be tortured by the most painful progression system I’ve yet seen in a racing game.

Can I put slicks on my car?

Nope, because now it doesn’t meet the requirements for the builders cup!

Can I put a rear wing on it?

Nope, because now it doesn’t meet the requirements for the builders cup!

I’m not even sure there is a race car in the Builders Cup from what I can see, but if there is, I’ll be getting to it in about a year at this rate!

I get the idea of progression, I do, but I didn’t buy a racing game to spend weeks and weeks of grinding to finally race a race car in a racing game.

Some of us have jobs you know.

If indeed there is a race car in career mode, because this far I’m not convinced that there is.

Rant over.


Absolutely agree in this, it’s like they want you to just grind effortlessly without no real reason because upgrading cars to better standards making them more enjoyable in races then it’s not compatible in the cups and this alone is just irritating.


Not everyone thinks that “fully upgraded” == “more enjoyable”. My favorite classes are D and A, and I think R-X get boring really quickly.
I don’t think it’s at all a bad thing to force constraints on players. I do think that they found the absolute worst possible way to do it, though.


For me, since the patch today, I’m not having that problem anymore which is a big relief.

If you really enjoy racing then it should be fun whether your in a B class or the fastest tweaked out S class. They made it crystal clear this wasn’t about just collecting all 500 cars as fast as possible like previous games. They aren’t going to change that.

It also doesn’t take long to unlock upgrades IMO. I’m enjoying the new system. Actually, learning how a car works and drives. Not just unlocking a new car everytime you complete a race.


Nah. You’re the very first to ever mention it. It’s totally not a topic that everyone else has already been discussing every day for weeks. :laughing:


Sorry but just because you’ve played every other iteration of the game doesn’t mean you should somehow skip the start of this one. If you want every car with every mod and have everything out of the box you can go back to FM7 or any other version you like playing, however that’s not how new games work.

I’m actually enjoying the Builder’s cup, racing in cars that I might not normally race in, unlocking upgrades and then choosing how to adjust my car to stay competitive and seeing what works and what doesn’t. It’s only 5 races and then you’re on to trying another new car in another genre.

The way the Builder’s Cup is set up gives you a flavor of many different types of car and a good spread of the tracks so you can find what you like best and then take that outside of the cup and develop it further in other modes, or re-use the car at higher levels or future events. That’s the whole point of it and it works exactly as it should.


lol, I’ve been so busy re racing races after continuous crashes, I’ve not been paying much attention to how people feel about the Builders Cup :smile:

It’s only now I can actually make some progress after the patch that it’s hit me how so very dull it is.

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I don’t want every car with every mod, I never said that.

I want sometime in the first 10-15 hours of play to be able to race a RACE car, one I’ve paid for with credits I’ve earned racing other cars.

I currently have almost 700,000 credits and absolute nothing to spend them on that I can use in the career mode.

And as for finding what I like with the tracks, I’ve already raced these tracks a million times, I don’t need reintroducing to them at a painfully slow rate.


I spoke too soon.

Just lost my progress at Suzuka after upgrading the car before Mugello which sucks.

I’m on Series X.

How on earth can a developer develop a game on just two platforms over 7 years and have this happen?



I’ve driven two series in builders cup. Since then i think its waste of time to play career, because for personally its more important to grind the cars i want and be able to upgrade them.
And after the update its not much better because you still need the same amount of carpoints, and cp payout hasn’t changed. This means you unlocked weight reduction but you have not enough points to install.


What’s the point of the builders cup? I mean, what there in the builders cup that you can’t get in other parts of the game?

Rivals, free play and multiplayer are decent modes you can get immersed in. I’ve a few cars cranked up to 50 from those other areas of the game. The Builders Cup, though, is just torturous drudgery. And I can’t be having that.


I’m only doing the builder’s cup for the acjievements

Some rather desirable cars, including the 2017 Ford GT, Lexus LFA, and the 2020 Audi R8. You can’t buy the cars in the autoshow, so if you want them, suffer the Builder’s Cup you must. That’s the only reason I persist with it.


I only drove two series, but in one of them was a variation of homestead wich is not available in free play and private multiplayer.
And a season with scoreboard.

I want all variatons in fp & mp. Also those without pit.


Sorry but if you need a game to make restriction for you so you can enjoy cars you would not have otherwise then you are fooling yourself.

Really if the game is more open without many restrictions then there is ‘less’ preventing you from selecting and enjoying cars you would normally not. I mean what does that mean anyway?

There’s 500 cars, if you were not spoon fed specific cars and upgrade sequence then you could pick the one you want, or the one you do not want and then upgrade it, or not, without having something arbitrarily forcing you into it.

The upgrade in builder cup is nothing original, they all came in the same sequence and therefore chances for many cars you will make the same selection for the CARXP/PI limitation of the next race. Maybe adjust a bit base on what that next race is but then that would still be a ‘fake’ choice because if the next track is twisty and you have space for tire/suspension or power you will probably go for the former each time. But if not, it still means you would make the same decision on the next cup because that is how you race.

Thus no real selection as if you had access to any parts for the CARXP/PI you have.



I could do the same without being restricted, your argument is bogus


It’s the shortest career mode I think there’s ever been in the series (can’t remember how many events the 1st FM had) yet I agree I got bored with it so quickly, some people don’t understand what ‘grind’ means, it doesn’t automatically mean long, something 30 minutes long can be more of a grind to get through than something 2 hours long.

There’s 108 races in total for the 100% in this game’s career, FM6 which I think is the worst career mode (pre-this anyway) needed 585, and the number is still higher if you only count 1 run-through (since you just run the same series in 6 different divisions in that game for 100%) plus the showcases.

And do you know what else it had despite being so awful? 2 things that absolutely should be in this game both because well…it’s a racing game and secondly because it would compliment how they want us to play this new one…

Factory Spec and Endurance races amongst the several other different types of events that were present in the Showcases section.

I haven’t understood why career has been so poor in this series for 10 year now, I understand it even less with this game, making a career mode for a racing game should be one of the simplest tasks a game designer could ever wish to have.

A big bucket full of events + championships
Use countries/classes/car types/manufacturers for the restrictions
Appropriate race length for the level of championship + cars being used

It’s that simple, instead I have a paltry amount of events with races that make no sense, I mean I did the Retro Tuners one yesterday, what is 5 laps of Silverstone National doing in the same championship as 8 laps of Suzuka East and 4 laps of Catalunya + Kyalami?

I’m usually pretty open when it comes to differing opinions but on this I’m sorry, you’re either clueless, kidding yourself or just displaying good old fashioned mindless defending of a new game if you think this is a good career mode.


Without any doubt the career mode in this game is on of the worst in the history of all racing games. Putting it together took them like 10 minutes. It’s so repetitive and the car selection is so incredibly poor and limited, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Well, at least you can skip training…


The fact they had to make practice sessions just to pad time among with the uninspiring themes says how bad this career mode is