Anyone else bored to death with the endless grind of the builders cup?

I think you got confused. Test drive is a function of freeplay. There’s no such option in the tuning menu.

No, I’m not confused. If you go into Upgrade/Tuning from the main menu, when you go into Tune you can press X in the tuning menu to Test Drive. I did it a lot in order to level up my Honda S800 to get it to C class for the Open Tour in the Builders Cup.

I see. I didnt know this exists. Still i dont really understand why you would go out of the menu in the buildes cup. Say you finished an event, put some parts, adjusted your tune. Next thing i would do is just click continue, get into a practice session and tune the car.

I can open the tuning menu even on the track. Get some extra xp while im at it. And then just finish practise,maybe skip the last lap and the game opens up the next race for me. And then its the same loop all over.

I’m not necessarily suggesting you would. I asked the question “isn’t the Test Drive option available from the Tuning menu between races (not the one under the Car option after the event starts)?” Between every race in the various Cup series you have the Performance/Tuning menu which I recall appearing to be about the same as the one accessible from the main menu. But I didn’t pay attention to whether the Tuning menu there had the Test Drive option. If it’s there, then it handily answers the question “if there’s no practice then what is the player supposed to do?” - mind you, I personally only use practice for the extra XP. The best test of upgrades and tuning is a trial by fire.

I think you must have forgotten the enormous Event List FM4 had to offer outside of the World Tour.

This new game’s single player campaign is the equivalent of 1 run through of FM6’s awful Stories of Motorsport, with nothing on the side or afterwards.


If you think what’s in the game is a “needless slog” then I don’t think you’re much of a driving enthusiast. This isn’t Need for Speed. It’s meant to celebrate everything about real world racing and the world of cars. The journey itself is supposed to be as much of the experience as how big is my car collection.

Too many ‘I just want all my super cars that scream at 250+ mph now’ people in these threads.



I want to be allowed to make my own choices about modifications. That’s it. I refuse to be forced to follow the same prescribed, artificially time-gated path before I’m allowed to make changes to a car.

None of that means I want everything handed to me. And nowhere have I said that I only want to drive supercars.


And yet, there’s not a single iota of real-world racing in it’s premier mode. Not a single race.

Great celebration, if you ask me.

You’re defending bad gameplay mechanics and blatantly poor design choices. Stop it.


The scope and variety of the career is poor. Setting up these events took how long? A day?
Another day for the scripts and voice over, done.

No endurance racing, no race cars, no show events like bowling, drifting, multi-class or overtake. The mindless slog over and over again.

Gran Turismo 1 from '97 is more fleshed out than this lazy Builder’s Cup.

Bonding with a car? After reaching 50 driving the car feels like wasted time because I could level another one instead and get some variety.

Thus, I’ve resorted to something I’ve never done before: afk farming. The SP in this game is a joke.


Personally, I’m tired of 3 lap races :rofl: You just start to get in a groove and the race is over.

Wasnt really talking about length

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I know you weren’t, but, increased length would actually help with grind to a degree.

To be honest…Im already bored of the game in general. Tired of spec races and “open” is not truly open. Idk have yet to have that fun feeling. So much missing…cant toggle tc on/off in race…cant really tell how close someone is to you so forced to drive 3rd person…not even going to continue actually the game so far is bleh…


Customizable career would’ve been a good feature. Increased lenght included. But they’d also need a bit more variety to the career to make the increased lenght worth it. Like give the player bunch of challanges that say they give you extra car xp when completed or something.

They could grab the timed sectors from practise and give you a time that you must achieve in order to complete. Stuff like that

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Same here, I’m doing AFK races just because the mode is such a grind.

Career modes in seriuos racers are a bit boring overall and generally feel more grindly. Not talking exclusively about motorsport here. From my experience in WRC and F1 it’s exactly like this. It feels like a grind and it should feel like a grind. Overall forza players aren’t ready for this type of careers it seems and maybe most players don’t really want them. But some do.

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Yeah, it feels bland lifeless empty, and boring.


Most serious racers have minimal careers or at least a championship with actual race cars.
But they have the rest of the game, Like multiplayer and Freeplay fully fleshed out, With pits, full starts, qualifying, full AI grids. All stuff FM currently lacks.
The builders cup would be perfectly fine in its current structure if it was a supplemental mode to the existing format of large and all encompassing championships that everyone is used to and expects from both a Motorsport, and just any track racing game like this.
They have failed.


I wasnt even talking about forza. Careers in motorsport games are generally careers when there is a grind. And they usually feel quite lenghy.

Thats funny. :grin: And untrue. Then the complaint would be that its too short. Its clearly different audiences.

Its not always that you need to overlycomplicate a career mode to make it fun. In the case of forza they could probably do better for a first party Xbox studio.

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The current career has grind. Like it or dislike it its there. The only 2 main things missing are length and variety.