Any possible way of setting a race as Ferrari vs Lambo, Ford vs Chevy, etc. in Free Play?

Is it possible to set a race this way?

As far as I know that is not possible. However maybe there could be a way I simply have not figured out yet

Yes set 2 or more buckets and then go to advanced setting for each bucket and select Make of car you can also select class of car like Select Ford with a class of S or a minim HP rating that cars must have to narrow down type of cars

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I don’t fully know what’s possible with the bucket-system in free play but you can use buckets in which you can set “bucket 1” to be for example:
S-class - Ferrari - <400hp - Mid engine etc…

And have “bucket 2” be:
S-class - Lamborghini - <400hp - Mid engine etc…

You can also put the amount of AI to be in every bucket.

Hope that helps


That does help a lot. Thanks!

I’m assuming that you want to do a Huracan vs 488 vs Z06 vs GT race? Yeah, i don’t think its possible under the current division constraints.

4 different buckets, each with criteria that match the cars you want and it should work.

There’s definitely ways. I have discovered a lot of freedom and customization within the freeplay settings and it all works. I will try lambo vs Ferrari later too, that’s a good one. I’ve done bmw vs Benz , 70s group 5 cars, Aston Martin vs Bentley vs jag etc…

It’s cool that this kind of stuff can be done via buckets, but I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just ported over H3’s Blueprint system (fantastic, and one of my favorite adds that game brought) and be done with it. It’s like a tweak for tweak’s sake.


I do a lot of 1-V-1 races. It’s very easy to set this up if you don’t mind racing against a drivatar who is running bone-stock parts. I don’t think you can set a division & choose specific cars for the drivatar without them defaulting back to stock parts. Set 2 or more buckets depending on how many different makes & models you want to race against. You are bucket 1 so just set everything to “any” setting & choose your car. Min driver 1 & max driver 1. If you want your car to have upgrades make sure you have upgrades allowed for bucket 1. On bucket 2 don’t worry about HP or weight or year or any of those parameters. Just choose make (Ferrari) & model (what ever model Ferrari you want). When you go to the basic settings option make sure the number of drivatars matches the number of drivatars in your buckets. That’s pretty much it…if you still can’t figure it out there are more detailed directions in the forums somewhere.

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Make two buckets, one with Ferrari the other with Lamborghini.

Upgrades are broken, though. Cars don’t upgrade. This means only homologated races run with upgrade.

Actually, the Free Play mode itself is something I wish they paid more attention to, because it’s clearly broken, as the Drivatars don’t show their liveries nor upgrade their cars outside homologated divisions. You can race by class as in the older games but you’ll get only stock cars as opponents.


This is very helpful. I will give it a try. However, it does suck that A.I is always Homologated. I was racing my Stinger the other day and even in higher difficulties I manage to beat an M6 V10 and an F10 M5. It is simply not possible. I checked telemetry and they both weren’t pushing more than 430hp.

Honestly this game is so broken, or to put it in better words, lacking some necessary options.

What was the AI difficulty set at?

If you choose higher difficulties AI will get a HP bump on certain tracks. I’m wondering if it will also cap HP or keep the cars out of the power band on the lower ones. If you weren’t set to a low difficulty, though, it doesn’t make sense to even check.

Okay so I played around with the Buckets and they do seem to work well, but not as good and straight-forward as Blueprint. Took me like 20 minutes setting it up. It does seem to show some glitches, like choosing only one model, despite I made it a manufacturer bucket. And in some cases I’ve had A.I cars not even moving when the race starts. They just sit there.

I don’t know. I do like Free Play! It has potential, but I feel the option needs a bit more work.

Previously on Expert. I have now set it to Pro to try out that theory, but I noticed a ridiculous boosts on straights, like in Spa. This is despite I put a cap on the power. It makes races a bit stressful. I wish there was a difficulty between Expert and Pro. Expert seems too easy, like if the A.I was sandbagging. Pro is too much chaos for me.

AI stats cannot be used as reference. They’re given more or less horsepower depending on difficulty. In lower difficulties they actually get less power compared to the player.

That doesn’t make sense in game terms. The M6 and M5 are in the Sport Luxury division, which has a homologation limit of 600 hp. If you set any filters for a bucket other than division, the drivatars will only race in stock format. In the case of those two cars, they both have a minimum of 500 hp. Unless the homologation applies a restrictor plate, the only reason they’d be showing 430hp would be if they weren’t at peak throttle and rpm, like coming in or out of a corner.

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ManteoMax, would you say their inability to race with upgrades is considered a bug? Because there’s an option to allow upgrades in the race and it doesn’t make much sense for the AI not to use it. In Horizon 3 the game itself calculates PI but that game is strange and features strong rubberbanding for a select few Drivatars in the race, so I have no idea whether the PI stats we see for Drivatars are just for show or not.

In fact, it’d be nice to race in Free Play against other custom cars by other players, especially people in your Friends list, like in career mode.

These Bimmers lack restrictor plates BTW. 500bhp stock.

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I’m not a computer engineer so I don’t know their lingo, but for community purposes I think “bug” should only be used to describe something that was coded to work a certain way and is failing to work as intended. Allow Upgrades needs to be there to allow the player to upgrade, but I don’t think it promises that Drivatars will upgrade just because settings allow it. Auto-upgrading Drivatars is to multiple filters (other than just Homologation) is something I would like to see in the game, but I don’t see any evidence that the game was coded for that to be a feature. That makes it a wishlist item, not a bug that needs to be fixed.


I understand your point. It won’t bother me much because competitive play revolves around homologation while class hopper is “just for fun”, but there’s still the issue of Drivatar liveries not showing up as there’s a menu toggle in Free Play mode.

Actually there’s no shortage of series which raced standard cars. Bathurst 500 was one and the Holden HK Monaro GTS did race without any improvement as seen in the game. One of the first “Bathurst Specials” (the others are all in the game, three Falcons and the Valiant).