Need Help Navigating The Name

Hello, I purchased this game excited because I would be able to pretend to drive Le Man’s and Weather is Tech series cars since I’m a huge race fan. However after buying the game I’m finding it difficult to enjoy it as I can’t figure it out. Full disclosure I have a newborn so I can’t spend much if any time playing this unless he is taking naps. Which means I can’t dedicate the time needed to figure out the game. I want to able to play 5 to 20 lap free play races with circuit rules with GT or Prototype cars, specially the Ford GT. I figured out to do races but then after buying racing brakes and adjusting brake pressure The game give me a notification that it’s not part of the circuit rules so I have to chose a new car? Then if I try to change the rule type to custom of other type I can race with tuning adjustments but now only by myself, the options to choose opponents is gone. Now I feel stuck and confused. How can I race opponents while changing the tunning/set up options. Sorry if this is an easy solution.

Frustrated race fan

You might be breaking the homologation for the division your current car is part of. As by default Free Play usually sets up races by divisions. You can simply change that to ‘any’ or if you want a little more control over the other cars you race against, you can create ‘buckets’ in the advanced rules menu. So you can set up your car how you like in one bucket (making sure it’s not set to any division) and then create separate buckets for AI cars, and then either set them to a suitable division or cars from certain years etc.

Free Play can be a little buggy at times, for example it doesn’t like ‘one make’ homologation races and you end up racing alone. (I usually just reset my car to stock to get around this.) But sometimes you still need to ‘reset to default’ (Y) to get back a full grid.

This is just the basics, I’m sure others could give you a much more detailed response.