Any of you noticed this before? (Official trailer of a game for children and adults)

Hi every1,

The point I wanted to talk about is something that probably no one ever noticed before.

Search Youtube for a video called:

SHOCKING! Forza Motorsport 2023! reaction.

By a channel called:

Azar Alamouri.

And let me know in the thread replies if you think that changes should be done.

Thanks in advance!

Looking forward!

The sound isn’t 10/10 clear.

Kudos to anyone that can watch the entire 18 minutes of this video.


Still the message behind this is good no matter the audio quality.

To anyone tempted to watch, just don’t. I haven’t watched it all, but as soon as I see that lyrics of a song seems to be an issue I closed it. Like the censures on Horizon songs aren’t bad enough.


Could you stop advertising this everywhere?


Shocking again… why mute the knowledge @AutumnalGlow and @STR3LA ?

In short, promoting criminality and drugs in a 9+ year old game is wrong.

Everyone should know about it. I don’t make a single penny, not a dime advertising this.

It’s good for us all if we got a more peaceful and healthy future.

If the information is so important, why not put it here instead of making people watch a video?

Personally, between the audio quality and just straight up rambling, I turned the video off before anything of any substance was said.


You’re almost right. The clipping is surreal, also no one has 15 minutes to listen to all the disadvantages then the advantages in the end. I can try to copy and paste the automatic captions/ subtitles from the video.

Or maybe summarize it. I think it’s worth the effort. If you want the better to your society and not only the degeneration.

A friendly request:

Can you be nice and do me a favor and show me a link to a major or relevant thread or discussion where a similar topic has been talked about? I am new to all this I didn’t even play the Horison game since my position doesn’t give me free time, and if so then I drive cars on race tracks more than sim racing.

I digress. Can you elaborate or show a source?

I would appreciate the favor, thanks is advance!

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Censoring lyrics bothers me more than kids hearing or reading words that it’s better to let them hear and teach them an understanding of what is and is not appropriate than it is to shield them from. The only thing that could be mildly shocking is if the trailer carries an official E rating (or equivalent) at the beginning - in which case it would be a little shocking that it passed by a ratings board in that state, because such boards don’t know the proper way to carry a stick.

And I’m not sure how much your own age is an issue. I’m creeping towards 50.


It’s not that I don’t want to help you but if I’m not mistaken there were no major threads about the topic. They did censor songs during Forza Horizon 4 so it’s been some years already. But I’m pretty sure no one who posted about it liked it.

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I have to show the highest degrees of understanding to other’s minds and opinions.

But it is still to me as clear as 1+1=2.

Promoting and repeating criminality day and night normalizes it in the society. At one point your kids will think that it’s cool and successful to do same as their idol is doing (or saying) and blow everyone’s heads, as Forza’s trailer literally song says.

I am really really sorry, and I have so much respect to your opinion,
but no. they should try anything good and positive instead of that. It’s never too late.

Having just rewatched the official trailer with an ear towards the lyrics: Even if I were inclined to be upset about explicit lyrics, the song used (which seems to be a song called Public Service Announcement (interlude) attributed to Jay-Z) has been edited in such a way that it avoids any explicit lyrics. It even avoids the bit that might be about shooting at people to protect his stuff, so there’s really nothing to be upset over. If the song ends up in the game itself, based on their past history it’ll likely get butchered.


Thanks mate!

Yeah, simply doing a forum search for censored music brings up a ton of related results, and the early part of the list at least seems to feature people unhappy about it.

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When the metaphorical mines are inevitable - and based on pretty much the whole of human history, they are - and you don’t expose them to or educate them about that reality you increase their possibility of getting hurt even more. Willful blindness and ignorance is usually the more dangerous option.

After listening to 18 minutes of you clutching your pearls, I clearly know one thing. You know nothing about Hip Hop music, nor do you realize that “gangsta” rap, is mostly hyperbole. Do you actually think Jay-Z did everything he puts in his songs?
The lyrics of rap is intended to get a reaction out of the audience. Telling a more fantastical tale, will get a bigger reaction than telling a bland truth. You don’t know that, but yet you go and take Jay-Z, Microsoft, Turn 10, and Hip Hop to task over your ignorance of the music.