This is serious. You'll be shocked!

A moderator is abusing his power.

he flagged our replies although they respect all the community guidelines.

he said he privately owns this forum.

he said he promotes oppressing freedom of speech.

The post that has been oppressed was about promoting law and order instead of “Gangsta” rap in Forza newest official trailer.

I hope the misunderstanding gets friendly solved by another mod than the possible abuser because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair for him to be part of this and play two roles at the same time. If he will be found to break the community guidelines then i hope the right measures will be taken against his power to mod the posts.

…This has nothing to do with the game. Nothing. At all. Zero. If you feel that strongly about it, I’m sure the PTC has a forum you can use to occupy your time.

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This needs to stop. WindsweptDragon is a moderator here for good reason. He has never claimed that he privately owns this forum.

This is a privately owned forum, meaning it is owned by Microsoft and is not subject to freedom of speech arguments.

What you are complaining about is beyond our control. If you wish to complain about the music used in a trailer, you will need to fill out a support ticket as suggested earlier.