[ANSWERED] I did a race of 50 laps on "Le mans" and received no rewards ...


Everything is in the tittle.

I did 50 laps on “Le mans” in 3h19 and I received no rewards at the end …

AI was set a 100% and i was 8th.

NO CR, NO XP, it just skipped the 2 screen with the rewards …

And my 3 Mods were used … 2 Legendary with 1 use (In the Dark, ATH disabled and race in the night) and 1 blue card with 1 use also (ghost) … (+160% CR and ghost for 1 laps)

So, Can you give me the rewards please ?

A bug like this is not acceptable.

Edit : This is on Windows 10.

This test were made with full assist on and in Veteran :

Did a race with 1 lap => I get the reward (~8000CR with 1 mod and XP).

Did a race with 5 laps => Screens of rewards skipped = no rewards … and mods were used.

I think your update just broke the game with long races.

It was not a rental car was it?

No ^^

I just posted a similar thing about this in the general forum. It doesn’t matter the track, or car used, anything over 1 lap with full assists, equates to no payouts. Timed races do the same, drivatars or not, doesn’t matter either. It isn’t mentioned in the help tab for assists either. It’s either that way on purpose or its broken. I’m leaning more to on purpose. I noticed because my youngest son wants to get more into forza and set it up for him, 10 lap, homestead all assists, but he didn’t get paid, he’s just learning forza and obviously wants a sense of progress for his work, but is essentially wasting time and being punished for using assists. Let’s shed some light on this.

The same thing happened to me an hour ago.

60min Race - Daytona Tri Oval - unbeatable - Nissan GT-R Black Forza Edition - 3x VIP Mod (3x100% CR-Bonus)

No Credits or Xp after the Session.

I hope that can be fixed.

Edit: Windows 10

I’m on an xbone, it does the same thing. It’s either a nerf/null that disables payouts after 1 race, and then didn’t bother to put that in the side bar info in the assists screen. Or its broken. I’m leaning towards nerf/null. I only found out after trying to help my youngest son get started.

My point is I’d like to hear what someone from t10 has to say about it, as it’s not mentioned anywhere that using these assists nulls payouts after 1 lap.

No it’s a bug.

It’s working fine with all other forza motorsport.

It happen with full assist on breaking and direction and the rest is the same setting as professional with race with more than 1 laps.

It’s working fine in timer mode …

One other way to make it work I used it for a few lap on the 250 mile race as brain was shutting down due to all the white lines finaly found a way to fix that trie Driver view but could not see squat so used bumper cam instead of chase view, as long as you finish the race with the easy assist off it will pay out. Mind you I only I did 2 or 3 Laps with Brake Assist and super easy steering. That race takes 1h50m to complet next is the big one Seabring 300 miles​:fearful::fearful:.

I haven’t tried timed yet, well I should say again, because before patch even timed wouldn’t pay out in full assist. I’ll give it a go and post my results.

Ok just did a 3 min timed race on homestead full assist (super easy), received nothing. So not working at least not on xbone. Also used only (super easy) steering and still no payout results. Again, it’s either nerfed/nulled against easy grinding, or its bugged/broken. But if we’re catering to young and old, green or veteren, why put in an assist that nulls payouts, doesn’t that defeat trying to entice younger no experience forza players, yes I could change assists for my son, but at the expense of him not enjoying his time playing and not getting something for the time put in? It’s not even in the side bar notes of the assist settings, so it needs addressing to at least clarify the situation.

May as well just rubber band the right trigger
With these settings they should have just brought back hire a driver

Don’t know how anyone could possibly enjoy these settings…they don’t have to do anything
There’s no challenge or achievement in it
Very boring

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For young Kiddies like my my cousins Kids oldest is 4 and the other 2 are 3 they think it is dam wonderful flying arround the track with nocontact mode kept one of the dead quiet fo and hour yesterday.

Forza T is most likely the only racing game the very young can play and actuall win a race. At least the fixed the crashing with now.

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The bug happen with full assist or almost none.

It’s a bug who need to be fixed.

I just tested on FM6 and there’s no problem with rewards with full assist or without, i can get millions of CR and a lot of XP with long races.

I will do more test tomorrow on FM7.

By patching the crash/glitch with “infinite” rewards, they just broke the game at a higher level.

Except that FM6 does not have the super easy assisted settings

Yeah I bet the patching of the bug is to blame. I haven’t missed out on any credits/XP yet but I’m thinking I might take a few days off doing long races until they patch this.

Oh I agree, these are not my usual assists, but for setting my son up for a little bit of fun on a game he’s never played, he doesn’t have control, and it isn’t fun for him if all he does is spin out and hit the wall. The payout void should just be in the notes so it’s clear to the user. That’s all. But otherwise why bother even putting in an assist like that.

yea same with me i just done a 2HR 15min Race and got nothing i had 3 vip 100%cr bonuses drivatars at 100% unbeatableand came 1st and used a forza edition car all mods where used and i got nothing

They really need to fix this otherwise it makes doing the endurance races a waste of time and therefore completing the game a waste of time can’t believe they let this slip very amateurish.

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Same here on x1.
Mods were used and no rewards.
Were the golden vip mods :((.