Unable to gain car points & credits

Bug info: when I’m racing, i can’t get car points and when i finish the race, i can’t even get credits and xp to lvl up!
Device: xbox series x
Nat type: open
Please don’t give pc troubleshooting methods, xbox only…

I’ve been having the same problem on my Xbox Series X for a few hours.

After over 100 hours of play, this problem appeared for the first time today.

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Unfortunately this is a rare bug.
(Why UNFORTUNATELY?! because rare bugs take longer time to fix!:sob:)

I just hope there are problems with their servers at the moment.

At first I couldn’t get into the game because no player profile could be loaded.

Some time later I got in, but didn’t get any exp/credits. And when I wanted to go back to the main menu after the race, the loading symbol just kept turning for minutes and the game wouldn’t continue.

Nope, it’s not, because other people (including streamers in YouTube can play the game easily!):no_mouth:

I Have am having this issue aswell. I just finished a 25 min practice session online.
Was leveling up a Chevelle. Went in at Lv12. Noticed I wasn’t getting xp but carried on anyway.
Ran out of fuel so I quit to the Event Menu.
Game Froze.
No additional Car XP or Levels on The Chevelle. Still at level 12.
I have just gone into freeplay and the XP is working as per normal.

This Is the first time I have seen issues with car progression. I just wasted 25 mins driving an near stock Chevelle for nothing. This Is Not Good. We cant have issues wit car XP on top of everything else thats bugged.

Well, at least you’re able to gain cxp via free play, i can’t do nothing at this point right now!:smiling_face_with_tear::face_with_head_bandage:

You’re right. I just checked what my friends were playing. Some played Forza. I turned off the console completely for a while now and just restarted it. The game now starts without any problems and I get exp/credits again. I can get back to the main menu without any problems and can then start a race again and still get the exp/credits. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I raced against rivals.

Well, I’m happy for you!:blush:
But restarting didn’t worked for me :smiling_face_with_tear::cry:

Yesterday I was able to play all day without any problems. Today I restarted the Xbox to continue playing (without Quick Resume) and login is not possible and the profile cannot be loaded. So the problem is back - like it was 2 days ago. :confused:

I switched off the Xbox completely and restarted it = the problem still persists: I can’t get a connection to the Forza server.
But in my friends list I see that my friends are currently playing Forza.

As a counter-test, I started Diablo 4 and I can access the server and play without any problems. Something seems to be going wrong with the Forza servers again.

It’s really annoying when the problem isn’t solved. I just want to play. Worrying every time whether it will work or not is no fun. :frowning:

This problem happened to me after update 2.0! WHY!!!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Vote please :pray: