[ANSWERED] I did a race of 50 laps on "Le mans" and received no rewards ...

After few testings with super easy settings, the bug is happening when we are doing more than 1 laps.

1 laps with super easy settings : CR/XP rewarded.
More than 1 laps with super easy settings : 0CR/0XP and mods are used without any rewards.
If you are switching in super easy settings during a race and go back to other settings like veteran or pro before the end of the race : 0CR/0XP and mods are used without any rewards.

With timer race and super easy settings, it only depends on the laps, as long as you do not cross the finish line of the 2nd lap, it’s good : CR/XP rewarded.
If you cross the finish line of the second lap : 0CR/0XP and mods are used without any rewards.

I did a timer race of 20min with 1 laps and without crossing the finish line of the 2nd laps on nurburgring (~51km) and it’s good : CR/XP rewarded.
I did 3 laps in nurburgring (129,95km), 2 laps in professional and on the last lap, switched to super easy settings : 0CR/0XP and mods are used without any rewards.

So … it’s definitely a bug, the game don’t crash anymore before the rewards but there’s no rewards if you are doing more than 1 lap with super easy settings and the mods are used…

simple fix, don’t use Super Easy settings,
why are you using them in the first place , can you explain this, I just can not understand why you are even using them
it would be only useful for very young kids or for disabled people or those rubber banding , other than that what would be the point of using these settings

if you are going to use them try switching to different settings ( not super easy) with a about a lap to go and finish the race on your own and see if you get credits and xp
( just tried this and it doesn’t work…if you use Super Easy you get no credits)
T10 really need to put it in the description of these Super Easy settings that if you use them you will get no credits or xp
Just like in the description of friction assist it says it will automatically dirty the lap

Did you even read my post ? : D

“I did 3 laps in nurburgring (129,95km), 2 laps in professional and on the last lap, switched to super easy settings : 0CR/0XP and mods are used without any rewards.”

Don’t use super easy settings is not a fix … lol.

It’s simple, they can fix the bug or they remove super easy settings from the game, there’s no other solution to this problem.

Many peoples lost time and mods with this bug.

We are not here to discuss the point to using this feature or not.

Like you just write… kids or disabled people can/will use this feature, so it’s useful but currently useless with more than 1 lap.

It’s not even normal that if you are doing 49 laps in professional difficulty and the last lap in super easy setting, you will don’t get any rewards of CR or XP …

Like I was saying, it needs to be labeled clearer in the foot notes when you press right stick and it gives you the description of each assist. Friction assist tells you lap times will be voided. Why can’t this setting say “Use of this assist in freeplay for more than 1 lap will result in zero payout.” Or something to that effect.

I don’t normally play anywhere near these settings at all. However while setting my youngest up who’s never played for a few laps on an oval I thought it’d workout for him and me, he gets some fun, I get some credits. But it didn’t work like that so it got me curious about the settings and what affects payouts when. I did the same experiments you did, except I used homestead in an indy car just to keep from wasting too much time on it. Anyways you get the idea.

Tell us in the notes about the payout nulls.


Fix it IF keyword IF it’s broken.


Remove this completely useless assist altogether.


I don’t expect this situation to change.

They are protecting their planned business model.

They want it to be difficult to earn credits and will prioritise that over anything else, regardless of the impact to those who would rely on the assists with any degree of validity.

This is very clear in the way they have structured the game and the speed at which they have acted to prevent this from being used.

I agree with you, and it’s caused me to regret my purchase, something I’ve only felt 2 or 3 times in almost 40 years of gaming. What you’ve outlined has brought the situation with the game into focus, and it saddens me as a gamer who’s purchased every Forza on release day. A little side not to those that speak condescendingly regarding use of any of the assist settings. While I agree that full assists at the super easy end of it remove the challenge, there are some players that need this to *enjoy" the game. What level you play at is irrelevant if you’re enjoying it, which is a games purpose. I have a friend irl that is a huge car guy. He was not a video game player. Ever. I introduced him to Forza with #4. He watched me play and said he’d love to try it, but probably wouldn’t do well. I put the game on the easiest settings, and he was having a great time inside of 30 minutes. He bought a 360, and Forza 2, 3 and every Forza game after, including moving to Xbox one for 5 and 6, plus all were VIP editions. He loves the Forza games and they’re pretty much all he plays. So…the state of Forza 7 currently isn’t about someone having no problems running the game, it’s about those of us that can’t play because of freezes and crashes. It’s not a fix to simply not use assists if that’s what you need to enjoy the game. That’s not so someone can stroke their elitist ego, it alienating a portion of your user base, like my friend, or those with young children.


Agreed. And its all due to corporate greed. And I don’t simply blame Microsoft or Turn10. It’s an unfortunate industry trend. One which consumers must be feuling. Or else, it wouldn’t be getting more prevalent.

The only thing we, as consumers can do, is not support this garbage. Don’t use real money to make any in-game purchases, period. The retail price of this game is high enough. And more and more publishers are cutting development costs, by procedurally generating, copy-and-pasting designs, limited testing cycles, etc. Last I checked Microsoft has plenty of cash. This constant push for more revenue is unnecessary. Develop a high quaity game, test it thoroughly, and charge a fair price. Stop trying to “monetize”.

It’s wrong to include a setting for people to use and then punish people for using it, essentially they included that setting so should not restrict what can be achieved by using that setting, why not just increase the pay-outs and xp by a percentage for each assist a user has turned off as it used to be in other Forza games.

As for people saying that no one should need to use that setting who are they to dictate to other people and tell them what they need or need not use., quite frankly what settings someone who bought the game uses is nobody’s business but their own.


Go and try using the “super easy” settings again
Tried the"super easy steering" last night in a 3 lap race and received credits and xp
Maybe they fixed it

You can drive however you like
Most people like a challenge though
Just holding the trigger down isn’t learning anything

I’m not speaking for myself, but I completely understand that not everyone actually plays the game to learn anything or challenge themselves.

There is a lot to be said for just enjoying something.

There is no less validity in approaching the game with this attitude than an attitude of being competitive and highly skilled based.

There is no need to belittle anyone because of their approach to the game.

How am i belittling anyone
If people enjoy playing that way that’s their choice
I know i wouldnt enjoy it

I won’t labor the point and I wasn’t specifying that comment towards yourself, it was more of a general comment towards the attitude.

Things took a nasty turn afterwards it seems however, which is par for the course around here.

You wasn’t, but I’m going to.

It’s botting using an in-game mechanic that was misjudged. Pure and simple. Except T10 were stupid enough not to see it coming and had to fix it retrospectively. And now it’s fixed people have the cheek to act like the FIX is a glitch…

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Way to go big man, the keyboard warrior of the week award goes to…


Aww thanks.

To be honest I was in a bad mood when I wrote it so it came across overly blunt and rude. I apologise.

But the sentiment stands - it’s cheating, just using what used to be a legitimate method. And it’s also true that the class of Forza player improves as time goes on and other new games come out for the more fickle types to play, and they do tend to be the ones looking for an easy ride - whether it be around then track using your bumper as a brake or a wall as a cornering method and ‘earning’ credits or completing races that they can’t be bothered to do using nothing but a rubber band whilst they do something else.

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I had the same issue,

I completed 50 laps on the Nurburgring with the FE M4, received NOTHING.

Also, the comments about ‘super easy’ giving you no credits/xp is false, you definitely received credits/xp for ‘super easy’.

Complaining you didn’t get credits for a race where you didn’t even drive the car?

I’ve heard it all now.

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In online multi player it is easy to select what assists people can and cant use so therefore its not a problem, as for single player I say again if people want to use that setting then it’s their prerogative and no concern of anyone else end of as it doesn’t really affect anyone else, as for the use of a rubber band on a controller that part is just daft but again their choice.

The assisted steering and brakes made the game accessible for anyone but still required enough input that still qualified the user as actually playing. There is literally no need whatsoever for super easy assists, except to be used to AFK which has no place in any racing game, especially one which aspires to simulation.

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I have seen some people say they like the new super easy steering due to them having restricted use of left hand or arm so are you saying they have no need for it.

Maybe since the game aspires to be a simulation users should also be restricted to cockpit view only as you don’t need the other views in a simulation as you wouldn’t have them in real life.