An open letter from the community to the devolopers

First… I don’t speak for the whole community but who thinks alike can comment and sign this topic so Turn 10 sees it.

As Ultimate buyer… again… and again I feel like I’ve wasted 40 of my hard earned euros.


  • Release as early access on sept. 30th… official launch oct. 3rd…


  • Released as early beta on sept 30th, launched as beta and turned into open beta on oct. 10th. Why?
    This game is half finished. Core functions which where advertised are not open or implented… why wait til nov. 7th for auction house, forzathon and leagues?
    Multiplayer is not even worth calling it multiplayer… Is it really the communities’ due to organise 12-24 other players over facebook in order to open a private lobby and race with more then just 1 friend and no A.I in a private lobby. or is it the due of the game developer which takes 100euros for a game that advertised immense multiplayer… but never delivered?

How in heavens name is it possible that the same studio that released Forza Horizon 3 a bit over a year ago… made such a downward spiraling sickening step backwards? Multiplayer in FH3 is just fun… you don’t wait more than a minute for a join into a running or beginning race of 12 players. Here you with bad luck have to wait for 10 rounds of spa being finished… until you can start racing… and as soon you start you have some moron player that thinks kicking your car out is more fun than driving itself. Before first lap is droven of 12 players at least half left cause everybody is on a destruction derby quest… or if they’re not… they leave cause they got driven into and kicked out so that all you can do is to keep driving on last spot without any chance of catching up… Is that what brings you FUN when you test your crappy game dear Turn10? Is that what you think we players love about multiplayer? You made everything that can be wrong, wrong with the launch of this game.

It was too rushed, unfinished, unthought of… why the hell didn’t you wait with release until the xbox x is out… but then release a fully finished, playable and fun game…? Greedy for some fast dollars or did you run out of money to develop better things… like better pit stops… Even 5 years old games like Gran Turismo 4 had more fun and realistic pitstops than you have brought us with FM7… lame… boring …
I want refund for this game! 100 Euros i could have donated to hungry children in africa… at least they would’ve used it for something good…

It’s just your luck Turn10; that I can’t get refund here in germany… and you can be even happier that I don’t live in the us… I would hire an attorney and drag you into court for false advertising and maybe, just maybe you had to pay more a million or some for your blalant try to rip of fellow paying customers by using a brand that stands for quality and deliver something that is a shame for every other developer.

Peace out or not… I don’t care!


Thank you for your feedback.

You can contact the developers by email at

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