An Earnest List of Gameplay Design Suggestions for the next Horizon Title

These are my sincere suggestions to really enhance the gameplay design in the next Horizon Title.

If any of these are somehow incorporated, it would be MASSIVE step in the right direction IMO. Here we go:

  1. Private Servers for Xbox Party and/or Convoys - where players in the convoy do not have to deal with the nonsense of the random online players and janky AI traffic.

  2. Turn Signals, Hazards, High Beams and Side Windows and Fully Animated Convertible Operations.

  3. Exterior Lighting Modification Options for cars - these include tinting your heads and tails, aftermarket lighting units and underglow.

  4. Significant revamp to Horizon credit earning system - with payouts that match the in-game prices of the vehicles. No more inflated auction prices.

  5. Auction House Revamp- If the auction house exists in the next title I hope to see
    • Private auctions (only entered through Xbox party or share code etc) and
    • Ability to cancel an auction right after putting up a car - mistakes happen.

  6. No more Wheelspins or Super Wheelspins - IMO this is the worst element of any Horizon game aside for my he inflated auction prices. It totally takes out the immersion from the game and feels very casino-esque & mobile game-like. As mentioned above - a simpler and straightforward progression system where credits are earned through convoys, races, head-to-heads and events both online and offline.

  7. Car Meets Spots - these should build on FH3’s design
    where people can observe and interact with other cars but allow for more cars, music and unique lighting and VFX to have a proper car meet ambiance.

  8. Content Update System - this is critical to ensure the game stays not only fresh but also exciting to play. This includes:

• Earning three new cars per season/week.
• Only new to FORZA cars be added to the Festival playlist.
• Other Content Updates - new music, new camera poses etc.
• Reduce the number of events or tediousness in Festival Playlist.
• Festival Cars need to be added to to Autoshow 30-60 days after the playlist ends.

This way, if players still want to a new car but have missed the event - they can either:

Wait for the car to be introduced in the autoshow OR they could pay higher prices in the auction for the timed exclusivity.

  1. Allow map expansions to directly connect to the main map - More number and variety of roads & environments are desperately needed to keep the game fresh.

  2. Improved Character Models Customization - allow for improved customization such as height, body type, facial features, more voice options, skin tone slider etc.

The current poses and emotes are cringey to say the least. They do not match the male or female characters’ natural body movements either. And they make them look even off.

  1. In-game custom radio station with DJ that connects with your Spotify or Apple Music playlist.

  2. Car Model Update Notifier - a separate inbox when in garage to show players which infamous FORZA cars are being taken away to be rescanned and remodelled.

For example - “Your 1969 Camaro Super Sport is being updated and will be added back to your garage at no cost”.

Basically, letting players know that any inaccurate and outdated car model older than 10 years is being rescanned and remodeled. While they may lose their liveries and upgrades - they get a much better car.

  1. Actual Cinematic cutscenes for Main Campaign and Horizon Stories - similar to those in FH1.

  2. Proper OFFLINE mode for Horizon Solo in FORZA Horizon 6

I sincerely hope the next horizon do not get anymore of the rough car models. Any models below Forza Motorsport 5 should not even be added in their state. (I have already compiled a list of outdated and inaccurate cars that are still in use in FH5 and FM)

Thank you very much for reading and I wish you the best success for the next Horizon game :pray:t3:

I absolutely agree with the second one there is almost no convertible that can open and close its roof My wish is to drive the SLK without a roof if its in the next game or the Corvettes and the Carrera GT