All shared tunes are unlocked! ! ! !?

This morning i woke and had recieved a message from a guy giving me advice on my aero and camber settings on my tune i shared on horizon. He also informed me that all tunes you buy are unlocked,i tried this to confirm it,and its true… why why why would you do this turn 10?? Im sure most people wont care,but im not too impressed about it. I will be removing all of my shared tunes today,and doubt i will share any more. All you have to do is buy a car,then tune… then buy the same parts… brakes springs ect then look in the tune settings to see all settings. Just thought i should warn the people who arent aware of this like myself.

So you want to share but you don’t want to share? Ok.

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I also found this out when helping someone with a tune.


As for you, General Swift, at least on Motorsports, you’re one of the top 25 racers - unless this person is in the top 24,is it really advice you need or just a preference?

If this really is the case and we’re not just imagining it, this needs to be fixed, as soon as possible please!!!

Why post on the forum how to do it?

I’ve just done some testing and found the tuning system to be a bit more broken than mentioned in the OP…

Can I suggest this type of stuff be dealt with via email to

I am baffled that people would post on the forum how to do it.

The reason i post here and not by e-mail is nobody who is bothered by this would likely find out about it otherwise. How long has the game been like this? i only find out today… but if a random knows about this,you can bet 1,000s of people do also. Im happy to share tunes unlocked when i decide i want to,but not on every car,when i think the tune is locked. im sorry if posting this here has bothered anyone,but i think the tune sharing community should know this is happening and be fully aware of it. I wish someone else would have pointed this out before now.


It is one thing to make people aware that there is a method people can see their tunes. It is a whole other thing to explain publicly how to do it. Personally I view this thread as no different from instructions on how to mod and glitch.

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Everyone has a opinion,but i dont think you get it. It is already well known how to do this… Obviously the people who spend ages working on tunes will be the last people who would be told this is happening. I think everyone on here should be aware. I love playing forza games,but problems like this need fixing asap before people stop playing. The more people that know of this,the more likely a fix will come. Paints getting unlocked killed the painting community nearly,remember all the top FM2 painters? 90% are gone now for similar reasons. Like i said previously,sorry if this post bothers you satnite. but im sure most tuners on here would rather know than to not be informed.

And I don’t think you get it.

There are people who read the forums and never post. With a thread title like this I believe you have made a lot more people with questionable morals aware of how to do this. I believe posting about it makes the situation worse.

It is like a thread in the FH forums where someone said that by them glitching out of infection maps helped solve the problem, that them teaching other people how to do it made things better.

What a load of garbage. Making more people aware how to steal tunes, glitch or mod is not part of a sensible solution.

This in no way improves the situation.

But where should this theory stop. Maybe someone should post instructions about how to mod a game save or how to hack the servers.

Your attempt to make things better defies logic.

Making people aware that there is a problem - fine. Telling people how to steal tunes is part of the problem not part of the solution.

Hmmm… I hadn’t even tried someone else’s tune untill reading this, but at first glance it appears, just like FM5, only the rear of the tune is loading.

Hmmmmm. This is different. Unsettling for sure.

I’m sure this will be fixed,it blurs the distinction between open source and locked tune sharing.

I hope the problem is fixed. I would like to see again your very great creations General Swift.

Thanks,and me too. I will share again if this is fixed. If not,i guess its back to FM5.


Posting it here is right. T10s lack of communication is disgusting, and bringing the problem to light in a public forum, making it a level playing field so that everyone can do it, may be the quickest way of getting it fixed.

You thing bunjie would be firing out patches to nerd loot caves if they were kept quiet?


I totally agree.

Issue is under investigation, thanks for the heads up.