All saved data lost, please help, I beg of you!

Don’t know if I’m posting in the right place or not so correct me if I’m wrong. I recently decided to start playing again after a few months of laying the game down, to be honest it had become an obession and just a bit unhealthy. With that in mind, picture me starting the game up only to have it take around 20 mins to sync and when it finally does all my save data is gone. I had hours and hours of gameplay, tunes I had created myself and tweaked to perfection. It took me weeks and weeks to learn what happens if I adjust this to much or not enough, learning about bump and rebound, spring stiffness, tire pressure, I could go on and on. I chose to create my own tunes and actually learn something in the process, which is a rarity with games these days. I am begging, that’s right begging, for someone to tell me there’s a way to recover my data. I thought it would be safe, since it was stored in the cloud. Someone, anyone, please help!!

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The cloud is not a safe place as far as the forza series is concerned. A 20 minute sync isn’t particularly long as I often have to wait over an hour. All you can do is PM Helios who may well give you so credits to start over. I had to delete my local save off the hard drive, this forced a resync that took well over an hour. Upon resyncing all my designs, tunes etc that had previously turned to invalid data came back…good luck

I’ve never had an issue with Forza 5, how do I go about contacting helios? This may sound stupid, but who or what is helios?

Send a pm to HeliosT10 he might help. I had the same problem, sent an email to the support team, only got an automated response, also pm’d Helios but no response and still everything gone. This game is screwed