All my new dlc cars are stuck installing

Every car except the veneno is stuck installing what should I do?

Wait for the installation to complete before trying to force the game. Incomplete areas aren’t going to display properly.

Have patience.

Un install the update and start over… let it fully update before playing it… again 100% completion before u click on forza to play it

How do you uninstall it?

I had the same exact problem and still do…

When the download says, “Ready to play . . .” let it complete before attempting to play ANY game. Just let it sit there and do the proper install.

That’s the thing it already installed but the cars haven’t for some reason.

Click Start at the home screen while ur on the forza icon. Go to manage game. Click on the hot wheels car pack and uninstall it… then install it but wait until it is fully downloaded to play it… it can take up to half an hour so go eat lunch while it’s doing it lol

That didn’t work.

I’m just gonna reinstall the game, should I put it on my external hard drive or my internal hard drive?

Before doing that, have you attempted to a complete shutdown of the Xbox One? Hold the console’s power button (not the controller’s) until the console turns off. Then, reboot.

I Just did that, and it still says installing.

I had the problem your talking about what you have to do is uninstall the pack then the bad part uninstall the game (doesn’t delete your game save its in the cloud) then reinstall the game again takes forever then after it installs install the pack at the dashboard not In game. I did it in game last time and i couldn’t use them at all because it got stuck downloading I’m guessing because I lost my connection after I did that it worked for me