All my forza title on pc got deleted from win11

Just wanted to play Forza Horizon 5 today as I recognize the icon wasn’t available under the “Your Windows 10 applications”. Open the Microsoft Store to look after the library and saw Forza Horizon 5 as Update downloading 145,4 GB.

More disturbing for me is the fact, that my Foza Horizon 3 + 4 and my Motorsport Apex 6 + 7 + 2023 installations are completely gone - the ssd where I installed them is available with more than one tb as free space under “my PC” - other programs installed there are still working.

But my whole Forza library is gone. What the actual …?

Under Windows 10 I sometimes had the problem, that the game icons in the start menu were greyed out as the ssd was not ready yet. but that the games are completely gone and are not even shown as installed in the microsoft store or xbox app is a whole new level.

Microsoft Store Versions plus Windows 11 (and yes I have the Windows 11 volume bug).

Did you just change over to W11 from W10?

There’s another thread here in the TSHUB with a similar sounding issue:
Game uninstalled itself two times since the 8.1 Hofix

Whatever was in that 8.1 Hotfix was really bad as I have a few issues but not nearly as bad as yours @Jogicat

I use windows 11 for several weeks now, and monday I had no problems starting FH5. FM 2023 is another story, but that game freezes after finishing a race or a training session. I even reinstalled FM2023 yesterday and today it isn’t anywhere to find. I have an extra SSD for the Microsoft games, the Forza series bought in the Microsoft store, the age of empires series and the Halo collection bought on Steam. The Steam games are still there, only the Microsoft store games got deleted.

Don’t know if the xbox app could be the problem, everything custom configuration in the options were set back as well today as if the whole software was a fresh install. Maybe thats the problem as I use a user defined installation path on my specific Microsoft store ssd and not the stock path c:\XboxGames.

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A little update, I am on my way reinstalling all the forza titles through the xbox app, but I have to click the install button of Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate, Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 6 Apex and Forza Motorsport 7 several times before the download process starts. Actually I had to press the install button for Forza Horizon 3 SEVEN times before the download even begins. The other six times the xobox app only gets back to the start screen were the installed games are shown with no downloading activity at all.

Forza Horizon 4 needed only two times to install…something seems to be wrong…

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That sounds really really odd

I don’t use the xboxapp as I don’t like any overlays or anything else running like gamebar etc, I just launch off pinned to desktop and when installing this time round let it install on my Samsung 990 PRO 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 where the OS is as I had previously problems with FH5 installed on the non system ssd, ended up dropping FH5 because of it.

I’m just sticking with W10 until W11 becomes on par with 10 in performance, that or I’m pushed onto it when support ends for 10

Keep us updated on how you get on

I just use the xbox app for installing the games as you can for example find Forza Horizon 3 not in the normal microsoft store anymore. Only if you knew the exact link to the shoppage or use google to find it. Had to fall back to that for motorsport 6 apex premium because that game can’t be found in the xbox app anywhere.

In my microsoft store version only FH4/FH5 and Forza Motorsport 2023 are shown if you search for Forza titles. And in the library under games the microsoft shop only features solitaire and the newly installed Forza Horizon 5. And I started the xbox app as I was not able to install Forza Horizon 4 through the store page.

Some more weird action with the xbox app as I installed Forza Horizon 3 and actually Forza Motorsport 7 the software only says that it prepares the installation, showing no download activity at all though Forza Horizon 3 was downloaded and installed, but the xbox app was stuck in the preparation screen info.

I am really mad that I can’t get back to Windows 10 anymore as the time to roll back is up. And that nearly just after that the problems started. Like the sound volume bug, like the freezing of the mouse pointer or that the mouse buttons stop working or that half of the internet pages I visited with Windows 10 are now with Windows 11 not longer accessable. Just because you use firefox and not edge…

This is what the screen looks like for about three hours now:

This user is having a similar issue

Something really strange is happening and I wonder if Microsoft are aware? At least the Mods here will be and they might do some digging

There’s an issue with the MS Store and you have to log out and back in sometimes, if you have 2 accounts as I accidentally do it usually fixes the store going from one to the other and back, there’s also a way to clear the microsoft store cache, just google it (don’t want to post links incase the site is trying to sell something)

That’s >redacted< , edge is a horrible piece of software, keeps pushing it on 10 and hides itself under a Windowsinstall exe every time you start the computer, cannot disable it fully but I have a way of killing it before it goes on its rampage.

I’ll do some digging today and see if these issues you and the other user are having are being discussed elsewhere and hopefully can get some more info on it

I’m having pretty much the same problem. I own the Microsoft store version of FH5 too, and have the premium edition. After the season 34 update, I turned on my PC to see that the game had been uninstalled, so I reinstalled it. But then it uninstalled again and started to reinstall again.

Whenever I try to reinstall the base game, it installs fine, but when I go to install either of the DLC maps (which just eternally say “pending” on the download screen), the base game gets uninstalled again and starts to reinstall itself.

I’m using Windows 10 btw.