After Update, My Game is Stuck "Loading...Please Wait"


I am so scared right now. I downloaded the Update yesterday afternoon and now…I cannot play the game. It tries to load for about 10 seconds…then freezes.

I know this isn’t the first time this has happened to one of us. I don’t know if this is a widespread problem or hopefully just a hiccup with my game.

WHAT DO I DO? I have already done the hard reset, and also unplugged from the wall for 30 seconds.

Thank You,

I am over level 450, multiple tunes and paints I’ve shared and had downloaded…this is scary.

I am having the same problem on one of our Xbox ones. I have no issues getting in on one machine, but the other freezes whenever my girlfriend tries to start it. We have hard reset, cleared the cache, removed and reinstalled. I have signed both of us in on the working xbox, it started the syncing process, but I gave up after five minute of no apparent change. Did the reverse and signed into the troublesome machine under my profile and it got just as far before I cancelled the sync.

If this is not resolved, I will request a refund or a credit, including for the car packs that we can no longer use. I would rather it play, we love the game and the franchise; hoping that Microsoft will provide that support in a timely manner.

I am really scared. This is pretty much all I have played in a year that I’ve had the One.

Favorite game.

Part of a bigger crew too. Gonna be real sad if I can’t race anymore.

I should clarify

the game boots,
the game recognizes me “Welcome MookStunna”

I hit A, it tries to load game, 11 sec later,


Exactly the same problem here.

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It’s been about 48 hours since emailing the support account…no response. I love Fallout 4 and all…BUT I WANT MY GAME BACK!

Can you send me the email for support? I can’t seem to find Anthony that doesn’t bounce back to me and tell me to post here.

Also, my girl tried to load her profile on my machine and play it there, also froze up. Is this a profile issue or corrupt data on the server perhaps?

Here you go. Can’t guarantee a reply, as I haven’t received one yet.

Darn that’s the one I tried that have me an auto response to post on the boards. Thanks though!

I also had a problem with the latest game update.
I hadn’t played Horizon 2 for a while but seeing the new F&F pack decided to give it a try. Put in the disc and got the message Horizon 2 needs an update. Left it downloading and came back later to find it still at just 2%. Rather a large update!
It eventually got to 21% and reported installation stopped. Tried starting the game but each time it came back with the message it was corrupt and to try reinstalling. Didn’t even get to the start up screen. Tried reinserting the disc and hard rebooting the console but no luck.
I had to go into games and apps, manage Forza Horizon 2 and uninstall the tile with the yellow hurrican on. Put the game disc back in and let it download the 30 odd gig update again. Took a while but once finished, the game started, synced with the cloud and I was able to carry on as normal.

Still no official word from support? I guess discussing a refund or credit is the next step.

Update, tried to synch to my machine again, no luck. Deleted her save data and did a resych on her machine, no luck.

Yeah I still haven’t received any reply and it’s been a week.

This isn’t cool.

Mine Synced ok but started me at the beginning of the game :frowning:

don’t even know why it had to sync after the update… Def the update that caused it.

I should note that my fellow crew member is having the same issue.

Weird. Still no reply. Tweeted @ them also.

Not mad, frustrated because I’ve spent a LOT of money and time on this game.

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