Affinity System to Level up Each Manufacturer

I understand that many people don’t agree or approve of this new progression system that is now implemented in the New Motorsport. I’ve been playing Motorsport since the first one, and I really wonder why not bring back the old affinity system back that you level up your favorite car manufacturer? Why do we need to spend so much time on one car and not the entire manufacturer? This points system to get upgrades sounds simple, but I would really prefer to pay with hard earned credits for parts. I’m am adult gamer as many on here that are loyal to the franchise and been here since day one, we don’t have time like how we use too unfortunately though we do make time to play game but not as long as we like.
What I would suggest is to bring back the Affinity system to level up each manufacturer. Whatever you are loyal to.

50 Levels (if they want.)
Discounts at each 10,20,30,40,50 Level
Parts Discounts at Certain Points (Tires, Perfomance, Suspension, ect) obviously everything Discounted at level 50.
Discounts on certain cars or all cars when Level 50 is reached
Exclusive Manufacture OEM Parts like Wheel Options and Body Kits, Spoilers.
Invitationals To race for Manufacture to win for and win or earn a car From Them

Bring back Buying parts with Credits. Make the parts more expensive, and it would give reason to level up the entire manufacturer to get discounts on the parts. It would make it feel more rewarding for the hard work instead of actually doing one car. Don’t make it feel like you’re heavily restricted just to one car.

I would love for Turn 10 to take it into consideration. Maybe it’s too late to implement it in the New Motorsport, but maybe an idea to do in the next Future Title. I would love to keep seeing the game go on forever. I’ve been in the Forums for a long time lurking and reading and voting, but maybe now I should voice my concerns and ideas or suggestions. I understand racing games aren’t the easiest to make due to licensing and other components, but we fans should come to agreements or disagreements but in a civil matter and voice our ideas and suggestions. Developers say they listen to us, so let’s get the community together because this is the forum to make a difference, so our suggestions / ideas are heard and listened to.

I could be onboard with this… especially if it provided a bonus to subsequent leveling of cars that fall under an affinity.

ie… 10% Affinity with Audi results in a 10% bonus on subsequent CXP and CP received when leveling up another Audi.

I’d like a prize for max affinity this go round besides the price reduction on manufacturer parts.

How cool would it be to reach max affinity and get a notification for a special manufacturer only event with a unique prize like a car or body kit or something like that? I feel that would be next level

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