Adding tuning was a bad idea?

Well, at least I had my laugh for the morning. Adding one of the most requested features for FH1 “has and will continue to turn people away”…Ok then.

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I’m looking forward to a new dimension of tuning,guess it will challenge anybody to create a tune that works on-and offroad…

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You can’t ruin a racing game with tuning, that’s like ruining a bowl of ice cream by adding whipping cream or syrup!!!

The weight and parts make the car, not the metal, fibreglass or carbon fibre that surrounds it. Yes vehicles will have limits but they should not be limited.

With tuning, I can have my “skin” and drive it too.

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I for one love it! I enjoy tuning and the limited tuning of the Bowler in the demo only hints at the joy to come!

2 words to complete this whole unnecessarily post of yours
Open world + tune?
Thats like a dream and so much fun and detail besides that I think we should even start a topic thanking the Forza community for putting this and putting so much efffort and details


Need For Speed Underground 2 has tuning, yet it was a very popular racing game with arcade physics. I don’t think it’ll “turn people away”.

Really? You’re probably one of those kids that calls someone who has a faster car, that has been tuned, a “hacker”. Not the game’s fault you can’t take the heat.

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Okay if you don’t like tuning maybe because your bad at it, leave it alone it will be just like horizon but if your geting a nice handing to . Well i suggest you start learning cz in real life there’s tuned up ride’s everywhere so the game is closer to reality if you tell me :wink: . Goodluck and give it a chance no need to :,(.

Some people like tuning, and are happy that tuning is in. If you don’t like the fact that tuning is in, then don’t use the tuning feature!

Tunes will be available for download. Find a highly rated one for your car of choice and roll with it to see if it suits your style.

I’m not thrilled it’s going in either but I do understand that the number of people that want it outweigh the numbers that don’t. For me though being able to tune your car adds a sense of realism to a game where realism is thrown out the window by the very idea behind the game. I love tuning and I’ve spent a lot of my time in Forza games doing just that, I just really don’t want that distraction. You can say “Don’t use it” all you want but the fact that it’s there is going to make me want to OCD out and spend hours on my favorite car to get it just perfect.

I do take some comfort in

meaning that I have a suspicion that tuning is in there just to appeal to the people that want it and it’s actually not going to influence the performance of a car to the extent it does in other Forza titles.

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If Horizon had no tuning, I wouldn’t even think about buying it. The first Horizon was ruined due to the lack of tuning.


This! The original horizon got old quick without tuning

I agree with this… FH2, was not on my list until I found out it was going to have tuning… Just slapping parts on a car is not enough for me. I am a tuner, and I love tinkering. I also share my tunes, as do others. You don’t have to tune, you can just grab ones from the community… TBH, it was the tipping point for me on picking up an XB1 back in July…

For those with OCD induced FH2 tuning issues, I’m sorry. There isn’t much that can be done for you… :wink: (I am one of you BTW)…

And I could not have said this better myself…

Tuning is one of the most important aspects of a driving game… Period!

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Tuning is very welcomed in FH2. Banging the rev limit on certain cars from FH1 comes to mind. If we could only adjust those ratios.


I think the repercussions of tuning in Horizon are not as essential as in Forza 5. You don’t have to be ultra precise, since there’s no sticky grass or race-ending walls to ruin your race, giving more leeway to go off-track a bit and find shortcuts. However if you find your car understeering more than usual you can soften the front end a bit, but you don’t have to run countless laps on a track to find the best possible amount of front rebound, since the roads are so varied, so just tune be what you feel would improve the car a bit. Also you could always just download a competitive tune and use that.


Also, with tuning you can do jelly builds or turn a normal Fiesta into a gymkhana monster :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of the Need for Speed games but their slider-to-the-left-for-drift/slider-to-the-right-for-grip “tuning” system shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same paragraph as Forza. I also don’t recall NFS Rivals or Most Wanted 2012 having those options.

NFS Underground 2 had a more in depth tuning system than Forza, it was pretty amazing actually.

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