Adding tuning was a bad idea?

Hello Forza community. I believe adding tuning to Horizon 2 was a bad idea. The arcade aspect of Horizon was the draw for me and most of my friends. If you want tuning and more control over the vehicle, play forza motosport. This muddies the distinction between the two and adds an unnecessary layer of complexity. Too bad, this has and will continue to turn people away.

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Was this thread really necessary? You’ve already posted about this on the wishlist thread, where it should be.



An added optional feature is going to turn people away?


I completely disagree with OP and I think 99% of people will agree.

You do not have to use tune feature when you play anyway and the people who want too (me included) have the option too. It will make the game more interesting due to fact no car will be 100% the same.

Forza Horizon 1 got old quickly due to not having a tuning option.


The game got old to me due to being able to wall ride and not take damage. Was like a lame need for speed game. Least now damage exists.

If the game turns out cruddy, least we have Project cars to look forward too. High-five.

^what this guy said^ !!!

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Hi… The ability to tune isn’t put in the game to upset non tuners… It gives the player the option to make his or her car they way they want it… For instance I want a better gear ratio for racing on the airport runway I can adjust my gears to get the most out of my car… For yourself and those that don’t want this adjustability nobody will force tuning upon you… Keep your car stock tuned and have fun on the game… Everyone won’t be tuning their cars just like everyone doesn’t run no TCS no abs manual clutch… Just play your game your way and don’t worry what Tom Dick and Harry have done to their cars…


The problem with that is being competitive in races. If one car is tuned, and another is not, the tuned car will most likely win. This will force people to tune if they want to be competitive. Where as with Horizon 1, the playing field was even so races came down to skill.


Don’t like it or want to use it? Don’t! It’s that simple.

I for one, am thrilled I can change those settings and continue to set cars up in a way I am familiar with.


As a moderator, I can remember well having to lock or move dozens of the hundreds of threads complaining about the lack of tuning in FH1. I have enough difficulty tuning my guitars so I’m not going to try tuning virtual cars but I am very glad the option is there for those that want to make use of it. It is entirely optional and given the amount of time all four wheels are not firmly planted on tarmac, I suspect it will not be anywhere near as influential to the outcome of races as it is in Forza Motorsport.

If you’re worried about being beaten in races by those that tune their cars, you’re not being beaten by the car, you’re being beaten by the driver.


Well Said !

Most definitely!!! =)

The problem is that if I wanted to play with tuning settings and getting beat by the driver I would play Forza 5. This isn’t Forza 5, it’s Forza Horizon 2. It should be more about the open world experience and be more “Arcade” than Forza 5.

This should be a more “Casual” driving game than Forza 5 and it seems like they are now blurring the lines between Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 and trying to make both at the same time.

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Would you be able to clarify further? FH2 is more abut the open world experience and more arcadey than FM5 and just because we can tune our cars does not mean the open world experience is diminished.

There is no conspiracy. They ARE offering tuning and paint modding so that those that love FM for those features more than the others can hop into FH2 and continue unabated.

So far there is no indication that each car has to be tuned as specifically per track as FM allows. Yes, there’s off-road, on-road and balanced setups to be discovered but there isn’t a best setup-per-track like FM “demands.”

Need for Speed Underground 2 had tuning. Need for Speed Most Wanted had tuning. The remake of Need for Speed Most Wanted has tuning. If I recall, Need for Speed Rival has tuning. All of those games are open world and have tuning, and tuning is not what turns people away from those games. I guess Need for Speed Most Wanted was trying to blur the lines between casual open world and hardcore sim racer?

Forza simply has a slightly more intricate tuning system than the above mentioned games. If you don’t want to tune your car nothing in the game forces you to. If you think that it’s such a problem that people may tune and beat you, you’re missing the point. Those same people would continue to beat you if there was no tuning, and they are in fact so good, that they could take a car a car class beneath you and more likely than not beat you anyways. The beauty of Forza is that you can race and compete against your friends, your club members, and when you go into online multiplayer it tries to pair you with people of similar skill and leaderboard position so that you do have a chance to do well.

For the record, Forza Horizon 1 did not have tuning, and go back and read the requests thread - it was by far the most requested feature, hands down. I don’t think consumers will be turned away by a studio that listens and makes changes that the`consumer wanted.


Again like i mentioned before it’s more to reality ,in real life you see tuned car’s and stanced out that is a tune done to the ride. for the ppl that love to have it and you still get to ride and cruise along . Unlike FH you drive around in the same old car all day and get beat by Bugatti and gtr’s all day what fun in that ??? . Now you can do something and have a car ride the way you want and run faster to keep paste with ppl if you get it right that’s fun . = better drag raceing and freeway run’s. And different style roads for any 1 best thing forza has done yet . Get happy that they even made a new Horizon =))). If you want to Cruise get test drive that’s the game for you .

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I disagree. By its very nature, tuning improves a car. It can, for instance, improve acceleration speed, which could make that car more effective on a short track. This car would have a clear advantage over a non-tuned car. In that situation, the driver in the tuned car would have to do less to win the race as they would have an advantage. This is my point. Having tuning will force people to tune to be competitive.

If you don’t want to tune your cars then buy the sport upgrades only, and you won’t have to make any adjustments. You also have the option of running race settings stock or downloading a tune.

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OP makes a good point. If tuning is available, it gives the impression that you need to tune your car to be competitive.

In reality, this isn’t the case. Tuning makes a difference at the top level of competition only. In this game, I wonder if it will even be important there. But still, it’s a valid point.

People requested it so now they got it. Same with weather, and still theres complaints. It’s optional -__-