Tuning is in! Why does this make you happy :)

So tuning is in, I know this isn’t new news but I’m slowly realising what differences this will make
Cars will wheelie past me online :slight_smile:
With wheelies comes the possibility of back flips over the right cliff edge :slight_smile: (silly I know but why not)
Also there is a possibility that the little Alfa 33 could be the new Bugatti EB111000000 thingy for flat out speed based on its Fm5 drag record
And the Venom could now be faster than the Veyron unlike Horizon 1
Ooh ooh and decent drift tunes

Your thoughts?

Tuning gives more variety to the cars. Even if you and I for example are driving the same car most likely we’re running different setups to suit our own driving styles.

I’m happy for it if simply because we’ll no longer have to deal with fully upgraded cars with gear ratios way too short to hit the max speed they should be able to.


Good point one car I can think of that would benefit from that would be the escort cossie with the v8 in it
Always got the impression that with the right gear ratio could have much more top end

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Because now a 900 hp AE86 is not topping out at 170 mph


I can now tune out certain behaviors in cars that in FH1 i would be stuck with

With tuning coming in, I’m probably going to join the tuning scene in Forza. This wouldn’t be my first time tuning in a racing game, because I create simple tunes in GT6. Tuning will put the Race parts for non-engine parts at top priority for me. For speed, instead of increasing power, I’d just adjust the gear ratios!

While we know tuning is in for X1, I don’t think it’s been confirmed for 360…

Aside from being able to adjust gearing to maximize speed potential, I’m most looking forward to being able to adjust ride height, specifically rake/stance - I’d be more inclined to drive more classic cars knowing I can make it so they’re not dragging their butts all over the place…

I’ll have to learn how to tune first.

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It… doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to buy a veyron, find a Dakar-like livery to put on it, jack up and soften the suspension, then point it across the map and just blaze all the way till I hit a mountain or the sea.

Drivetrain swaps… plain and simple.

You can turn a lot of cars into off-road beasts now.

I know I’m going against the grain here, but as a 360 user, I’m actually happy tuning is not in the game for this version. It removes tuning skill from the equation in race results and more equalizes cars between users.


Huh? Where does it say tuning is not in the 360 version? I hope that’s incorrect as that’s BS!

Why would they leave out such an important feature? Tuning is fun for me, I’m no expert but certain cars just have fun ways to get more out of them, especially with topping out the ratios, making drag cars or decent drifters! To leave this out of one version would be incredibly unfair, it’s not like it would take up too many resources on a 360 jeez it’s only a menu and alterations to physics, not 4K textures lol.

You only make it symmetrical starts when you have everyone start with the same car. Period. If we can choose different cars, there really is no difference between a stock to a tuned model anyways because we’re not racing with symmetrical stats to being with.

If I want to make my handles-on-rails Skyline GT-R squirrelly, so be it. It’d be no different than choosing the car that is already squirrelly.

And of course that is why I love having tuning. I don’t like it when some racing games fill the roster with cars I can replicate through tuning methods. Why would I care for 12 variants of the R34 Skyline when if I can modify them, they all get maxed out the same in the end?
If I couldn’t modify them, sure all those models are cool because it offers an experience like Gotham Racing. But if I can modify them, there’s no experimenting to replicate known vehicles, it’s pure and “simple” optimisation per track while changing the skin of my ride.

You can still upgrade the parts within the car but I’m relatively certain that I read Horizon 2 on Xbox 360 will not have Forza 4/5-esque tuning features. I would at least hope they’d revamp the storefront and include a Forza 4 aution house feature but that’s wishful thinking. The game will be more or less Horizon 1 ported to a new location with more and new events to do. The primary mechanics look the same, even on Xbox One, so I would not plan on there being a full tuning feature unless they explicitly say there will be.


I’m happy tuning is in the Xbox One version because the whining that is wasn’t included got tiresome really fast in Horizon 1…


+1 agreed!!

but don’t worry there will be other things for them not mone about :wink:

but… i am happy tuning is back in and engine swops as well makes cars more fun that are not that fun. i just hope drivetrain swops are in as well

Yes! It Does Immensely, hopefully now there will be few suprises online when it comes to the hardcore racers who wanna race on the pavement. once u go off road all bets are off! but the freeway sprints with high hspwr muscle cars/imports should actually be fun now… that u can set/adjust your suspension/gears accordingly for the task at hand

exactly how im thinking! its definitely going to be interesting after tuning to see some unlikely cars keeping up with what is supposed to be the top cars

eg, little alfa 33 stradale flys past buggati Veyron for the win