Tuning is in! Why does this make you happy :)

I’m sure that it’ll please the majority of people that tuning has been included in this new game. However, for people like myself who have no experience in tuning whatsoever, it’ll be an interesting move.

Can anyone explain the basics of tuning, or know of a good site where has a good guide as to how to tune your cars for different thing? I.e. drifting, top speeds, power/acceleration?

Tuning in Horizon 2 makes me happy because my muscle cars will finally be my own personal street/strip cars in a free roam world. Tuning will also show witch players have the “tuning” brain. In the muscle car world, we know it as

“Run what ya brung”

“Tuning” is the customize option to me. I don’t care what it looks like, just how it runs. stickers and decals don’t make it go faster
I’m happy, enough said

You all forgot the most important thing. You can wheelie !!!

Forza 5 Tuning board has a lot of information about how to tune a car for a track, but tuning for back roads and off road will be a little different. For example, Braking is normally set above 100%. This will not be a good starting point for a dirt surface. Likewise, I am expecting the spring rates to be higher.

Also You Can Make All Wheel Drive Cars Front Or Rear Wheel Drive Like I Have A Hummer On Forza 5 That Is Front Wheel Drive Which Can Do Reverse Wheelies

I’m happy tuning is going to be possible in FH2. I have several cars in FH1 that really needed adjustable gearing. It will also let me tweak the racing suspensions, as in FH1 they were almost universally too low and stiff and caused excessive skittishness (and rollovers) on rough roads.

Tuning means when you roll your car to the meet spot you can feel confident your modded car isn’t exactly the same as the next guy or gals even if both are vettes or mustangs… I’m a drag/roll racer so tuning will mean winning or losing in that type of racing

I am hoping that the 360 has fm4 based tuning setups.

Tuning helps out a lot.

I wonder if tuning will be coming back for sure. Ex: suspension stiffness, camber, lowering, etc. Another question is will there be a big difference between the xbox one version and the xbox 360 version?