Add a cops and robbers game mode

I think it would be great to see a cops and robbers game mode implemented into forza it gives players more choices and also innovates the game even more, yes I know the community will disagree because we have many games with cops and robbers, such as need for speed rivals, most wanted, and many more…

However I truly believe this gives players more choices, and it further betters the experience because then we are not just players driving around and getting bored, we are players that can be hunted for our actions.

Add any game mode… Please

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They need to add cops, period. They don’t need to chase us in free roam but it would be more fun to have in street races. Makes them a bit more realistic

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I totally agree.

I agree. I also play Need for Speed Heat. Horizon 5 street racing is tame after doing street racing in Heat.

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On the Xbox dashboard Forza section, under multiplayer requests, there’s usually a few posts wanting players for Cops’n’Robbers games, many in French, so it looks to be a popular thing.

I don’t know if PGG need to add a specific Cop mode, but perhaps adding more police cars - and/or the ability to add lights to more existing models - would make it easier for those who make their own game in a convoy (or however they do it), or at least give them more choice.

I do like the idea of some traffic cars being police cars though, even if they don’t chase after people. There are taxis and plumbers’ vans, buses and trucks, so why not Police?

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It would be nice if we had an official game mode by Forza that would be epic with actual police lights etc… But I just highly doubt it will happen lol so we just have to use we we have at the moment and sort of role play scenarios but it gets boring after chasing people with a stupid siren that lasts 5 secconds instead of a continuous one that you can change ELS but meh I’m asking for too much I guess lol :person_shrugging:

Grand Theft Forza 5


In fairness the police in Mexico apparently kind of do play their own Forza Horizon with seized gang vehicles.

Pretty sick. :sunglasses:


Very popular game options in the community are ‘Hide and Seek’ or ‘Cops and Robbers’ games, maybe it would be possible to create such a game mode to cater for those players within the same convoy? This would require access to the whole map (or alternatively a circle to be selected by the convoy leader) and automatically disable the mini map whilst disabling other player’s cars being shown on the big map.


Burnout 2 was the best cops and robbers mode in my opinion. Be soooo good to have this in Horizon in some form.


It would be best if a few players were cops and like three players robbers. This also brings the question: how are they gonna locate the robbers? Using the minimap would be boring as hell. Maybe whenever a robber passes a speed trap the cops know where they are?

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Offline too please. At least add the cops. It’s time for something new

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This trend has been going on since Forza Horizon 3. That’s like 5 years and counting About the time of here.

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me and some of my mates have been playing our own cops and robbers game mode since forza horizon 2. always a massively exciting and tense game mode, but it’s was really hard to regulate our ruleset and find a decent balance for the robber and the cops.

having a built in game mode for people to play, even if it was just branded as “survive the hunt” or something like that would make our lives a whole lot easier and the game would flow a lot smoother.


man the street races, i’d like to see these revamped with cops like in heat. Also no cops in the day at all because we are the superstars right?

This is a really fun activity that people create groups to play. It would be great to have cops and robbers be added to playground games (flag rush, king, zombie, etc).

I agree! I posted something along this line as well on my account.
(More Casual Multiplayer Gamemodes!)

Here’s what I wrote there:

Point-to-point cops and robbers. Played usually at night with low visibility. One team (cops) starts near end-point and seeks out the other team (robbers), who start at start-point. The goal is for the robberrs to individually make it to the end-point without being tagged, and for the cops to tag all the robbers before they make it to the end-point. Once tagged, robbers become cops (or maybe something else? ghosts? Cop-rammers to help other teammates score?) Long time limit to encourage hiding and other sneaky tactics, best in terrain with lots of buildings to hide behind. No or limited minimap. Would be especially cool if you could turn off headlights to hide as robbers.

Although i think playground games need to be reworked or scrapped completely. I think cops and robbers game mode isnt anything so much more different than the current playground games.

Its just another itteration of Infected but replace Infected with Cops Vs Robbers instead of zombies Vs survivors. I guess they could introduce this as some limited time game -mode. If say they plan to have a certain themed festival playlist or a challenge. But thats too much work and very unlikely so no.

I suppose there’s only so much you can do with a car and turn that into a fun game-mode. Sooner or later whatever the idea is it wont be something so much further different from what playground games already is.

What else then… hm… Car football? In my opinion it would be a bit of a messy game-mode so no to that as well… I would like to see new fun driven game-modes dont get me wrong. I just would want it to be something more unique rather than an iteration of something that already exists.

I don’t think you understood the idea completely scuba.

Cops and robbers (ie fugitive) is played in a large size map and is point-to-point. For instance (get from Horizon Stadium to the central park in Guanajuato). The goal of robbers is to get to the end location without being caught. In real life you play at night, and use flashlights, and have multiple “cops” per car to help spot people hiding in bushes/behind a wall/in some dark alley or something. Way more about carefully getting to point B (as a robber), and eliminating possible routes for robbers (as a cop). A lot of stealth and strategy and a little speed/manueverability. Very different from current PGG gamemodes.