It would be fun if forza horizon 5 can add in A.I police in it with lights n siren effects n a radio

police cars should be the mexican police crusiers since its taken place in mexico and add road blocks to n let the police be aggressive not to aggressive tho

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I’m sorry, but I think you’re mixing things up with Need For Speed. You’ll find all the cop cars you want there


i mean it would be cool still if they added a.i cops and u cant have a street race without cops thats just boring

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Each to their own but NFS might suit better as said.

Failing that, look at the suggestions hub. This has been suggested a few times already. Search and upvote the ideas you like

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Stick to NFS for the cop cars. The AI in Forza is already more aggressive than the cop cars in NFS.


Street racing isn’t even illegal in Horizon 5 (or so they tell us), so police are entirely out of the question. Plus, how does one implement a police system in a game that overcensors songs and oversanitizing its dialogue so that little Timmy won’t repeat swear words like “no” and “loser” to his mother.


what are u talkin about?

Pretty sure EA will send lawyers after Microsoft. Let’s not provoke the exclusivity rights dragon.

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I seem to recall that many years ago hackers found a way to unlock a hidden police chase mode in Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed. It seems Porsche objected to the “running from the law” theme of the mode, and it was cut from the game. I think Porsche may have softened their stance on that since then, but it is likely that considering the large number of licensed manufacturers in Forza, there would probably be at least a few that would object for that reason.


But since then police chases have been a bit of a staple in the likes of NFS, to the point of using real world cars including Porsches as police cars you’re either driving or evading. When you look on it that way, that bit about manufacturers doesn’t really wash.

The views of some higher ups in Microsoft, however, may carry some significant influence.

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These days, I think whether or not a racing game has a cop chase mechanic is down to the age rating of the game rather than what the car manufacturers stipulate. For instance, most Need for Speed games are rated T for Teen here in the States. Also, any rated E for Everyone games such as The Crew 2 and Asphalt have all their cop cars labeled as “Security” as opposed to “Police”, so that could be a factor too.

Also, also, didn’t both ports of Porsche Unleashed have cop cars in them still?

Porsche licensed Playmobil to make a Police Porsche set for children.

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