A simple question to Forza team

Hi my name is Alex and I’m from Greece I want to ask forza team why the game has sooo many supercars?
There are sooo many 80s,90s,00s cars(hothatces,sedans,JDM and European) that you forget to add on the game or you decide to go on another route safest(supercars) I’m don’t gonna write down a couple of them because there is section for them.
There is no fun for me to drive such a type of cars I think you losing the meaning of this game…
I love graphic designs I can make on the cars the drift is very good and the conversions that you can make are epic…that’s the reason I didn’t buy gran turismo…
Please bring it back where it should be more racing and less show off…

It’s because recent cars are requested both by players and manufacturers. The former are frequently interested in the latest technology and highest performance (even when all that speed is challenging and they can’t drive them to save their lives…). The latter have cars currently in production to advertise and sell. I forgot which stream it was, but they said getting the license for older cars was more difficult than having the brand representatives call PG and say: “Put this car in the game!” For instance, whom do you have to ask to get the license of a defunct brand?

No matter how I look at it, from the economic, marketing and yes, political standpoints, it doesn’t look like the cars you want are favored, hence their lack of representation.

The irony of it all is that many older, less flamboyant cars perform well in the game in general, and competitive online play in particular, because they give you more freedom with the upgrades!

Write down all the cars you want in the wishlist thread: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst101330_Forza-Horizon-4-Car-Wishlists-Thread.aspx