A feature I'd love to have

Great job adding the ability to change vinals texture!!

What I would like to see is the ability to clear out my storefront, because changing the livery in your garage makes a whole new livery that you cna share, but leaves the original in the storefront which causes me to have a lot of duplicate paint jobs on my storefront.

Itd be cool to be able to remove liveries from your storefront.

If you click on a vinyl in your store it will download it, and then you can delete it, and it is removed from your store.

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This. Download it, unshare then delete it.

To spare youself this huzzle next time. It’s better to unshare a design before you’re working on it. This way it’ll overwrite the actual one which you then have to upload again of course. It’s the way I do it to keep my designs and the hub clean.

I did that a couple of days ago to correct a mistake I’d noticed. I forgot that the game shares your edited file with a new Share Code and lost the stats that it had previously. Same thing happened when I thought of a better name for another design, unshared it, edited the name, reshared it, got a new code and stats were at zero.