A few things about liveries and wheel spins

To start, with the livery maxing out at 533 or whatever the exact limit is, could you at least give us this menu for cars:

That attribute seems to be carried with every car (like Car Mastery), so you wouldn’t have to touch your existing file/db structure, just alter/create an interface.

The other thing I’d like to mention is that I’m sure, like many others on this forum and in the game, we like to keep well manicured garages.

So if you could disable (or make it a setting) to not have wheels spins during an activity were we can’t be prompted what we want to do with the car, or give us the 9 second prompt. I know whenever I spin the wheel, I’m paying attention and wouldn’t need 9 seconds to decide. Any where you add a car to our garage, we should be prompted with “Yeah” or “Sell” or whatever… from Gifts, to cars earned through the Playlist, etc.

I have so much more to say about the state of the game, and as a developer for a few decades, I’m sort of second-hand embarrassed.

Thank you for your time.


Slightly off-topic, but I sincerely would like to know what the development looks like for these games. Is it low-level hardcore coding or creating ‘flows’ between existing building blocks, dragging objects on the screen to connect them only specifying the interface parameters or whatever possibilities there are. Yes I put this down way too simplified.
Some methods get stuck in earlier made design choices easier than others. Meaning really improving can be a huge effort.
It’s personal interest and in no form a complaint or a form of being sarcastic. Just wondering and reading about bugs, or design issues, being carried over from FH3 or even earlier a question that came to mind.
Where do the devs have the bottlenecks that lead to not fixing things that seem to be easy fixable and annoy many, but possible aren’t that simple to fix?

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I have three theories:

  1. They outsource certain development to other companies and once the work is complete that’s it. Any changes from thereon out come with a hefty price tag.
  2. Their code base has grown since the first version and is now difficult to maintain.
  3. They build upon the foundation developed by Turn10. In other words the good bits are from Turn10 and everything else is from PGG for good or bad.

Hi toobsock, please head over to the #suggestions:feature-wishlists section to add these as individual topics for voting. That’s where the development team is monitoring for change requests and new ideas. Thanks!

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does anyone truly love or get excited about wheelspins? i find them a chore and a time consuming waste of effort with little to no reward (horns are cool i guess?). i havnt done a spin in ages


Yep, wheelspins are mostly a waste of time for me at this point, almost makes me appreciate that the Free Daily Wheelspin for the Hotel is broken and I almost never see it lol. Just doing them hoping for the last couple horns I don’t have and any other similar completionism stuff.

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100% - Stop automatically adding stuff we don’t want just because it’s a live event.
We can all decide to accept or sell back an option in a few seconds so it wouldn’t detract from the event - especially when some take forever to actually load anyway.

Well I had a very similar thread moved to the “Suggestions” section and still no action from devs or forum users, so why bother ?

Agree - the “daily” wheelspin hasn’t worked from day 1 - just got one today - 8 days after my last one !


The funny thing is, I looked again the other day, and after it was in the Known Issues, then removed to the Fixed Issues, then back in the Known Issues, it’s now in BOTH the Known Issues and the Fixed Issues at the same time. I’d say they’re covering their bases but it’s not in the Won’t Fix or By Design… yet… lol.

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In FH4 I stopped doing wheel spins for like a month and ended up accumulating 300+. It got so out of hand that I would have to sit there for hours spin after spin to get through them. Ultimately they are fun at first then they become a chore as you say. It would be nice to be able to spin all of them at once and just scroll through all prizes.

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Ah - so the “Won’t Fix or By Design” is imminent then. Good to know they’re well on top of things. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I remember that a while ago in FH4 we were offered a sick amount of wheelspins. Took quite a while to get through those. After that I didn’t like them quite as much anymore.

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at first they are ok, but tbh, the game throws too many cars too quick at you (unless you pay for the pack ofc and then u get 1 a week :P)
i tried to keep up and leave cars NEW in garage until i was ready to drive/test/tune it for use in races as the recommended can bring up some awful cars early on… i wanted those quick races to be able to just choose one of the 8 recommended and just go… but that is taking some time :stuck_out_tongue: during that time ive got sick of spins & gifts but appreiciate the option to sell/gift/garage cars from spins…
there needs to be a middle ground somewhere

my mates xobx seems to get one almost instantly some days, but my pc doesnt like to give me any… i may miss some text alerts as they appear during action/driving but i gave up visiting the festival site … that doesnt seem to activate it anyway

i now have over 300 wheelspins that i havnt spun. still cant figure out who thought those would be a good idea.

Reminds me of FH4 days. People that don’t have 300 wheel spins think you’re crazy not spinning them. People like you with them find it a never ending chore that grows bigger by the day.

I think they’re a good idea, in fact quite essential to the game.