72 player session?

I have never seen a 72 player session, most sessions filled with 10 to 30 players. Is my internet connection to bad? Or no 72 player sessions exist?

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i have seen as many as 54 players in a lobby…

I have seen 54 as well, but regularly 30 and even as low as 6.

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I’ve been experiencing similar low numbers for the most part, there have been a few times where it starts in the 40-50s but by and large it’s 10-30.
It really makes trying to start any events for the server downright impossible. At the most I’ll see 1-2 random people join after a few tries.

And no matter how many are on the server according to the menu when I join, it always seems to go down - never up! I assume this because people are launching into events on their own or with their convoy, but it’s like the server is never being repopulated with new players, not even the same players after their event is done seem to be reconnected to bring the numbers back to where they were. The server counts always dwindle down to single digits eventually.

Pretty disappointed with the whole live server aspect. The random players you encounter are just ghosts anyway, it reduces the amount of traffic you can actually interact with, and outside of the Forzathon Live events it really adds nothing to the experience. It’d be something else if there were 100s-1000s of players connected to a server for decent event proposal and matchmaking functionality, traffic patterns were the same as offline, but you only “saw” about a dozen other players within your local vicinity (ala the Forzathon Live limit, it seems to instance and separate players if too many show up). And if you could specify whether you wanted collision for yourself on or off - both players would need to have it set on for them to collide. And the rest of the 1000s of players outside your bubble weren’t visible in the game or tracked on the map, but they could still see any event proposals and join, ala the lobby list for Forza Horizon 1.

Seems like a lot of server resources and bandwidth being wasted to show up to 72 ghosted cars positions when it’s mostly pointless and never comes close to reaching that amount in the first place.

Really, what they need to do is figure out some way for the player-initiated event proposals to propagate and be seen and joinable by players on all servers, or at least the majority of those within your general location / region in the world. That would resolve one of the main issues with the multiplayer in this game.

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I had 66 on one last night.

How many people are actually driving around? You auto join a session when you log in, and mostly everyone is doing their own thing.

would not surprise me to see the number of online players of fh2 and fh3 out number fh4 very soon.

I had two GT online at same time. Each ended up in different sessions, each session had 50+ players.

Oddly, the lower dl gt didn’t show the higher level gt in the join session, but higher gt saw and joined lower level GT.

10-30 too. Usually towards the lower end. Nearly always have to find a new server for Forzathon.

If I remember right I was in a 68 player lobby earlier, didn’t last at that number for long though (Maintained 50+ for hours though)

There are 72 players maximum in the server sharing the allocated space for direct matchmaking. But there are never more than 12 cars actually in the game world with their cars loaded
Also note the geographical and educational difference between different regions of the world (regarding rammers, free loaders, and other behaviours)

What are you going on about here?

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I was wondering the same about the 12 cars loaded, I’ve seen more than that before

As I type this, I’m in a 70 player session! First time I’ve been over 56 in a session!

Same, never above 30, rarely more than 10… I’m stumped.

Ever session in last night and this morning was over 60

I’m also seeing ~60 now, that’s good. Maybe they fixed something on the backend.

Seems like a lot more AI traffic on the servers than before as well, at least in the city and on some random roads. Anyone else noticing that? (at least until it bugged and there was no traffic at all again)

Still would love it if the player initiated events weren’t restricted to just the players on your local server, but for now this should help some get more than 1-2 to join. Maybe 3-4!

Well, whatever that was which I thought was fixed soon after Spring went live, is now back to the way the way it was with ~30 players online (and dropping) and very sparse traffic, if there’s any at all.

Is there something degrading the servers over time that’s affecting the traffic frequency and syncronization, as well as the player connectivity? It can’t be a coincidence that traffic was way denser online while more people were connected to the servers right after Spring hit, and now it’s back to how it was (and was already getting worse later that day). I gave it some time to see if it improved at all to near what I was seeing but nope, and now it’s also taking a lot longer to even find / connect to a server. Very strange.

Guys, it’s all because it puts you in a different session every time after you finish an event. Take a look at the player list every time before and after you do an event. You see different players every time.

People are constantly jumping between servers every time. That is why you never see a full server or even in the high '60s.

I really hope this Thursday’s big update will fix it at last.

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I know you’re constantly hopping servers when you come and go from events, but that doesn’t really explain why I was seeing over 60 with regularity on all servers when joining cold and after finishing events immediately following the Spring changeover, and after some time passed it’s back to that being what can only labelled an impossibility.

All I can assume is they reboot or refresh them when the new seasons hit, and something is causing them to degrade over time. I guess I’ll know for sure midday next Thursday if things are solid for a short window once again and then drop back down to the lower averages.