60 fps mode on Xbox One X question (and One S ?)

Hey guys, quick questions:

What’s the actual resolution for that mode?
Does the game runs at a LOCKED 60fps?

Does the game runs at native 4k in 30fps mode?

Anyone knows?


I don’t think we’ve seen an answer yet. My guess is we’ll see the option for:

4K 30fps locked
1080 60fps locked

Edit: Posted on June 11, 2018 at 10:30 am

One and One S of course will be locked to 30fps, while we should expect unlocked numbers on capable PCs.

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That’s my guess as well.

The Community Manager, Brian, replied this question on this video! 19:06 Minute

He says that 60 FPS will be on performance mode with lower resolution.

Enjoy Horizon!

It will be interesting to see if lower resolution means 1080, or something between 1080 and 4K.

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I would guess 1080 to give them some overhead on processing to keep it constant 60fps. Usually the businessmen love to sneak anything higher than 1080 (1800, checkboard rendering, etc.) under the UHD/4K banner since its technically higher than a standard HDTV.

With Microsoft’s push for ULTRA GRAFIX HIGH POWER CONSOLE XBX360-2000, they wouldn’t hesitate to toot their horn a lot more if it was using checkboard or something acheive greater than 1080 resolution, even if it wasn’t 4K. The way this is stated, its like they’re trying not to explicitly say it is 1080.

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I’m certain performance mode will be a locked 60 FPS. Whether it will be 1080P or not, I’m not sure. What I think will happen is this. I’m almost certain they will keep the same quality between the two settings. For example I think that the quality of reflections, shadows and such will be the exact same between the 4k and 60 FPS versions. It just depends on whether they can get 60 FPS and the same quality at a higher resolution than 1080P.


I’m hoping it’s similar to what Shadow of War did, where it depends on how much motion is on screen. So you’ll get 4k when you’re stopped looking at your car(or driving slowly with not much else going on in the background), but 1080 when there’s tons of motion. I’ll def be using the 60fps, even if that means it won’t always be 4k. 60fps is soo damn smooth, can’t wait!!

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going to correct something here. its not real 4k.(upscale checkerboard high end assets ). massive down scaled 12k asset size sky’s(again into fake 4k). before you hate me. almost no one here realizes what 4k is and the need cpu/gpu/ram.hard drive space.

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I thought I heard it in a interview somewhere with one of the studio folks that this game would play in 60 fps in 4K and there was no mention of this being at a lower resolution. You may want to confirm that the lower res for 60 fps is valid or not .

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For PC yes.
All the fancy 4k / 60FPS demos are all PC only !!!
Not XBox One X.

The CPU of the XB1X is way to weak to handle an open world 4k@60FPS.

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4K/30fps - what a shame! So we bought 4K TVs and Xbox X for nothing! :rage: For old 30fps! So Xbox X cant handle 60fps in 4K, “the most powerful console in the word”.

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All the Horizons have been 30fps 1, 2, and 3 both with X Box One and One S’s. The One X gave us Horizon 3 upgraded in Graphics to 4k after the fact and FM7 in 4k at 60fps. The huge open world is a lot for any console and even PC for that matter. The Forza Motorsport are 60fps, but the have less to render as they are closed course. I am just happy they give you the option finally, as competitors usually go for the higher fps. Lets also remember that the Horizons are Arcade style Racing and the Motorsports are Sim style.

I only wish they had less issues with PC and I would think the next Console that they are working on now would bring us 4k in 60fps on future Horizon games and maybe even higher fps on the Motorsport series.

This is an improvement and I’m happy for that.


FM7 runs at 4K60FPS on the X, but Horizon’s open world is far more taxing on the CPU, which is only slightly upgraded from the XboxOneS. So it can’t maintain 60fps at 4K without significant drops in graphical fidelity.

I’m guessing FH4 might use dynamic resolution scaling in 60FPS mode like Halo, Gears, and Battlefield do. Dynamically adjusting resolution anywhere between 1080P and 4K to keep framerates up.


You do not understand anything. Soon, the Xbox “Z” console will probably come out, and “X” will be an old relic for that “Z” will allow you to get 60 frames at 4k in the new FH4.

You seriously think they would sell the console for $500 if it had more power than a $1400 video card? You’re kidding right? The fact it can even do 30fps at 4K with AA at that price is a miracle. If you are that picky about 4K graphics running at 60fps you buy a high end PC not a console.


I dont want to buy a Win10 PC, because I hate Win10.

My £2000 PC can just about hold 4K at a locked 60fps (on extreme settings with 4x MSAA) and you want a £400 console to do it? You aren’t living in the real world. And no, the next console probably won’t manage it either unless they put the price right up, at which point you may as well just get a PC anyway.

FH4 in 4k/60fps on Xbox One X? Has been anything officially stated on the subject?

I couldn’t find unambiguous information on the Internet. Some claim it will do, some don’t.

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Yes several times by developers and other sources Horizon 4 on the Xbox X @1080 will have a frame rate of 60FPS but at 4kK will only get 30FPS