Forza horizon 5 performance mode on xbox series x


Im so excited about new horizon game but i noticed every gameplay from stream is lock on 30 fps, probably because of visual mode on xbox series x.

After playing horizon 4 on xbox series x its almost immposible to play new horizon game in 30 fps, i know there will be a 60 fps performance mode on xsx but im just curious how it will be look and of course frame rate.

What u guys think about it? Performance mode can be look a lot worse thank visual? There is reason why devs didnt show us?
A few months ago they introduce a upgrade mode for fh4 on xsx, amazing graphics and 60 fps mode, now we are back to 30fps gameplay xD

I doubt that they know how fast it will be till it is finished.

So far, no game I’ve played in Performance vs. Graphics mode looked so vastly improved that I would choose the latter.