How to get 60fps?

Hello gamers.

So, my problem is very strange. Bought an xbox one s and forza horizon 4. I am playing it on LG TV at 1080p 60Hz. Xbox is at 1080p 60Hz too, but in FH4 and FH3 I get 30 fps.
Cannot find some solution to get that 60 fps. I tried everything. Maybe there is some smart guy who can help me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Consoles do not run 9/10 games at 60 fps. Call of Duty is the exception. PC gaming is the only way to have control over things like this. You are a limited experience gamer when you game from a console.

Consoles are running very old hardware and even the new xbox one X cannot do both 60 fps and 4k or even 1080p in most cases. There are very few games that actually run a true 60 fps on a brand new console considered the most powerful console in existence (microsoft’s words, not mine).

This is just how it is and this is one of the things that draws people to PC gaming. True visual fidelity and control over what you experience.


FH4 can run in 60 fps on the XBOX One X, but I don’t think it will on the S.

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Nah, it’s a mode exclusively for Xbox One X as it has significantly more power under the hood.

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I am very sorry to say that 60fps mode is only available for the more powerful Xbox One X. And even there, it’s not 4k 60fps (like Forza 7), you get to choose between Quality (4k) or Performance (1080p 60fps).

Being an open world game with 0 loading screens, having it run at 60 fps on a not-as-powerful-as-a-high-end-gaming-pc console is bound to have some caveats.

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Yep, 60 FPS on Xbox One X if you choose the Performance setting instead of the Quality/Resolution setting in the menu. That mode runs at 30fps but looks better and with more detail.

Hell, even the 1080 GTX has problems trying to run 4K at the sacrifice for lower settings or lower frames. It’s very difficult to run 4K at a perfect 60 FPS at high settings (or ultra for that matter.)