20M cars

Anybody know what cars will be able to be sold for 20M at the AH ?
Got the buy one accolade for 20M but can’t find one to even try to put up for that - even if anybody wanted to.

Try the Lamborgini SVJ if you can find one to buy. I recall doing this one with one of the Hoonicorn cars. I can’t recall which version.

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Cheers - got 1 but need to get another first.
Not sure if I want to risk selling the only one as the 20M car that I bought could then only be put up for a max of 13M. Reckon they need to rewrite the AH a bit and let you choose your own prices.
Often want to sell a car cheap but can’t because of the limits set by the game (and Vice-Versa).

Just looked - there’s tons up there - all 20M buyout but everybody is going for the low starting price ones - so no chance in that cattle market.

Cheers again but same issue - got 1 but not sure if I’ll ever get another.

Can any cars be sold for 20M atm? Trying to get this accolade…:frowning_face:

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Me too - bought one but can’t seem to sell one.

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The 20 Nissan GTR, Ferrari 599 gto, Nio and Wuling are a few that I’ve noticed recently too. I think the AT37 is too but I would have to double check.

Edit: the auction house fee is nearly 3 million cr on a 20m car.

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The Wuling selling for 20mil that is just ridiculous.

Gallardo Spyder :wink:

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Well - I only had one and like to keep my original cars but thought why not.
It went in under 30 secs for 20M.
Cheers - now I just need to get another back to fill the void. :smile:

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Sweet. :sunglasses: I expect it will be a reward or shop item again soon given that the SVJ is back this series.

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Hope so - thanks for the advice.

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I noticed a couple more such as the Carlton and 71 Mustang. The list will change so if anyone is still looking I would suggest looking through the past playlists for exclusive cars and check their price.

My SVJ is up for $20M auction. Ends within an hour. Look for my username and the car says “Accolade City” on the sides. If you need the accolade and buy mine, let me know if you want me to buy it back for the $20M. Happy to oblige.


Sorry - already bought and now sold.
Thanks though - maybe somebody else can benefit from this though.

Don’t think I will ever get the accolade for buying or selling a car for 20mil in the AH.

I got the 20M buy and sell accolades a few nights ago. Only took a few minutes. I bought a 2003 Celica SS-I for 20M and immediately sold it for 20M. Be warned you lose 3M credits when you sell.

The issue for me is none of the cars I can actually price at 20mil, so how I can sell one for that much I don’t know.

Everyone can sell the Celica for 20M.

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Which one?

And why limited to one car?