20M cars

  1. If you buy one for 20M, you can immediately sell it for 20M. Everyone can.

For that particular car, there are usually none for sale. There are about 10 other cars everyone can sell for 20M, but it’s very risky if a bunch are for sale.

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And there lies the problem as I spend a lot of money upgrading cars I very rarely have 20mil so would need to sell the car first at 20mil first.

They should let everyone sell cars at 20mil all the time either that or don’t make accolades where you need to do that to get them.

Do you own one? It was a prize in series 3. If you own it, sell it and buy one back.

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No I don’t own one, and just looked in the AH there isn’t any available to buy anyway.

So it aint gonna happen like I said I need to be able to sell all cars at 20mil if I so wish why have stupid restrictions on some players.

They pop up in the auction house every 5-10 minutes. Keep refreshing it. If you’re quick, you can buy one.

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I need to get 20mil first :rofl:

Do what the rest of us do. Stop upgrading everything, auction off your high-value cars as needed, and get as many wheelspins as possible. As an example, the 1974 Civic was a recent prize. I sold the one I owned two weeks ahead of time for 6M knowing I would get a free one later.

I’ll just have to farm the goliath for XP, Credits and SP a few times. that always gets me around 6 or 7 wheelspins a time.

If you look back through the thread you’ll see many other options that’ll go for 20M.
You might already have one of those ones.

if you’ve got a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante (2012) I’ll buy it - as long as it doesn’t get sniped by somebody else first.

Are Peel Tridents still selling for 20?

If I have only one of them why would I want to sell them.

I only had one as well.
Sold it within 30 secs even with a start price and buy out at 20M.
Sell it then buy one back.
Be aware though that you’ll lose about 3M in Auction fees for selling so you need at least more than to buy another.
Been waiting to see if one of my mates had one to do the same deal just to help him out but he doesn’t play that often.

But it’s having a car I don’t want and I can even get 20mil for that is the issue, I don’t see why certain players are given the right to sell any car they choose for 20mil, everyone should be given that option.


My point was - you have a car that you can sell for 20M then just buy another one back.
Solves the problem.
Sorry for the response delay - Mother had a leak in her bathroom that I had to go out and fix.
N.B. it’s not the players choice. It’s just the cars that can go for that.
I only had one too but thought well why not and just get another.

I just listed a Porsche Gt3 4.0 if anyone needs the achievements

Same here. I listed a fabulous brand new GT3 RS 4.0 with a special green race livery and about 50K of upgraded parts as a bonus.

I wish someone could buy it. I only got 1 million left.

its 10% so 2 million

I sell my cars at 20 million - as sooner or later they come back and then price drops - so better get the 20 million - Unless of course its a car you use all the time

Money is not an issue in this game… I got 20 SVJ.s and a quarter of a billion in cash - and have done nothing out of the ordinary to get it

Check the amount next time. It’s not 10% across the board. It’s barely 17m from a 20m sale.