Auction house issue

Last week I was able to auction the Jaguar D-type 1965 for 20,000,000.

The car it self cost’s 22,000,000.

But this week I try to auction it for 20,000,000 again and it will only let my put the buyout at 6,000,000.

Surely this can’t be right? How else am I to complete the car collection accolade. Which is to sell a car for 20 million?

Can anyone shed a light on this issue?

Thanks in advance

It seems the dynamic market economy has kicked in with full force.
Not enough people want this jag for 20 million, so the game is forcing sellers to ask for less.

Ah I see so is there any other car I can sell for 20 million that does not require me to be a master tuner?

Or else how do I get the last accolade for selling a car for 20 million.

For that you have to wait a bit, this accolade is not meant to be fulfilled in the first two weeks of the game. As time goes by and more rare cars will come up, you will sometimes with some luck have a car that will be sold for 20 000 000.